Microsoft announces Azure Service Bus Messaging for improved public cloud infrastructure

January 21, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from WWPI. Author: Anna Ribeiro.

Microsoft released this week its Azure Service Bus Messaging with deep feature set available anywhere in public cloud infrastructure. The Azure Service Bus broker infrastructure, available in all global Azure regions and the Azure Government cloud, processes nearly 500 Billion message transactions per month. Each cluster in these regions is backed by as many as hundreds of compute cores, terabytes of memory, and Petabytes of backing storage capacity, exceeding the cluster deployment scale of any commercial or open source broker.

The Azure Premium Messaging tier provides performance predictability and further enhanced reliability by reserving processing resources on a per customer basis inside an environment that provides all the management and cost advantages of cloud scale. As a transactional broker that builds on the ISO/IEC standard AMQP 1.0 protocol, Service Bus provides a basis for commercial and financial workloads…

It provides strong assurances on message delivery and message retention, with SLA-backed, and sustainably achieved availability and reliability rates unmatched in the industry at its functional depth and scale…

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