Manifold Launches a Marketplace-as-a-Service for Developer Platforms, Instantly Providing Developers With Rich Ecosystems of Popular Tools and Services

June 7, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Manifold, the cloud-native marketplace company, today announced its new Marketplace-as-a-Service offering for developer platforms. These platforms can now deliver developers’ favorite tools and services with a world-class developer experience from the very beginning. The new offering is in private beta with select platforms, serving more than 12 million developers combined.

“With the release of Manifold’s Marketplace-as-a-Service, we’ve made it easy for any developer facing company to deliver an amazing add-on experience,” said Jevon MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Manifold. “We want developers to have access to the best tools everywhere they want them.”

Developers get frustrated and are less productive when they are not able to work in their preferred stack or have to jump through hoops to glue everything together. Many developer platform companies have attempted to build their own marketplaces with limited success, struggling with limited offerings that are difficult for developers to use and costly to maintain.  

A marketplace powered by Manifold starts with tools and services developers already know and love such as Mailgun, Bonsai Elasticsearch and JawsDB PostgreSQL. First-class support for Kubernetes and HashiCorp’s Terraform make it easy for developers to adopt the services they purchase. While Manifold continues to expand its catalog and add new integrations, developer platform companies are able to concentrate on what they do best.

Manifold makes it simple for developer platform companies to add a marketplace with a modern GraphQL API, flexible web components and a unified experience for billing, role-based access control, secret management and provider on-boarding. The Manifold Marketplace-as-a-Service integrates as a native offering, enhancing existing investments in a company’s brand.

As the first independent marketplace for cloud services, Manifold worked to redefine the ecosystem by allowing developers to find, buy and manage their favorite services – from email to logging – without vendor lock-in. With Manifold’s Marketplace-as-a-Service, developers get the best of both worlds, their favorite services, wherever they go. The offering has more than 10 thousand users today.

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