Managed ELK Log Management Platform, Achieves PCI Service Provider Certification

Managed ELK Log Management Platform, Achieves PCI Service Provider Certification

January 6, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Managed ELK & log management provider announced today that they’ve successfully completed PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Service Provider Certification.

This means that have displayed their commitment to the security of storing, processing and transmitting credit card transactions, ensuring that they fully comply with credit card data compliance and security.

Qualifying service providers must undertake network scans by an ASV alongside internal scans and penetration testing. Providers must also follow the extensive validation procedures as set out by Mastercard in order to prove their adherence to enterprise standards.

By meeting high-level regulatory standards for data compliance, is able to prove their dedication to protecting their user’s credit card data.

Alongside this, already offers it’s enterprise users with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) available up to 99.999% at a rate far more competitive than most other service providers in their space.

For larger companies, it is beneficial to prioritise solely working with vendors who operate in compliance with PCI as this reduces the risk of payment data breaches occurring through the use of third party systems. Which is more likely to occur when tools that operate outside of PCI are employed by your organisation. is used by technology leaders in both midmarket, public sector and enterprise-level companies for cloud monitoring, log analysis, security alerting and for reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and improving their user’s time to value (TTV).

In addition to being a PCI compliant service provider, also operates in compliance with SOC-2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and GDPR .

About is a full-service log management & data analysis platform built on ELK. They offer managed and hosted ELK, consisting of hosted Logstash, hosted Elasticsearch & hosted Kibana.

The platform helps businesses scale and improve observability of the cloud by providing them with a single source of truth for them to view the health of their servers, applications and services. This also includes monitoring, alerting and notifications as standard. is used by technology teams around the world to improve how they handle error resolution, reporting and cross-team collaboration.

If you require a centralised log management platform with industry-leading customer support you can get started with’s free full-service trial for 14 days. If you sign up for their annual plan you’ll also get 20% off an annual subscription (including metrics management as well as logging).