Manage containers in cloud computing to prevent sprawl, cut costs

August 19, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Tom Nolle.

Containers in cloud computing simplify and accelerate application deployment, but the ease with which users spin them up can result in overuse. When this happens in the public cloud, container sprawl can drive up costs alarmingly. Fortunately, container sprawl is manageable, but enterprises need to take control early and fight to keep it. And above all, remember that not all container sprawl management practices will address cloud costs.

The container sprawl challenge

VMs were the first popular virtualization strategy, but it was clear that companies could take virtualization too far, complicating both host management and application deployment. Containers in cloud computing, and in the data center, offer a way to create virtual hosts that share an OS and some middleware on a physical server…

This enables organizations to deploy more containers per server than they could with VMs. This also means, however, that the number of hosts in a data center can multiply even more and, because container systems are easier to deploy, organizations don’t encounter management complexity as quickly as they do with VMs…

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