Liquidware’s Day One Support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Delivers Just-In-Time Apps, Migrates users with Zero Downtime

Liquidware’s Day One Support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Delivers Just-In-Time Apps, Migrates users with Zero Downtime

October 10, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Liquidware, the leader in adaptive workspace management, today announced support for Microsoft WVD. Liquidware is an inaugural value-added partner for Microsoft’s WVD platform. With a decade long reputation in the virtual and cloud-based desktop industry, Liquidware provides critical solutions that hasten new workspace adoption. The company’s User Management, Application Layering, and Monitoring and Diagnostics offerings are ideally suited for Microsoft WVD.

Liquidware’s FlexApp layering is a key solution to assist in WVD deployments. FlexApp streamlines base- image management by dynamically attaching applications as VHD layers from Microsoft Azure cloud storage to users’ WVD workspaces. A video demonstration of Microsoft WVD and FlexApp layering can be seen here.

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FlexApp is a perfect complement to Microsoft’s forthcoming MSIX App Attach technology. FlexApp provides a single point of delivery for MSIX applications as well as any other native current or legacy application type including MSI, App-V, and EXE applications and installers.

Scott Manchester, principal engineering lead for WVD at Microsoft recently discussed the partnership with TechRepublic saying, “Take a solution provider like Liquidware, who provides a variety of different layering solutions. They now will be able to take an App-V package, an MSIX package or their layers and through a single portal allow customers to choose which option they want to make those apps available to end users in their web environment.”

FlexApp’s flexibility in supported application types and enterprise functionality leads the industry with advanced features including:

• The highest application compatibility – 90% or greater
• Seamless compatibility with complex applications, including those with drivers and services dependencies
• Zero isolation – FlexApp attached applications are not isolated and therefore have native interaction capabilities with Windows and other applications
• FlexApps work across any supported Windows OS with no need to repackage applications
• FlexApps are flexible and can be attached at boot, login, with Click-to-Layer, or by context-aware filter
• FastPackaging technology – enabling applications to easily be packaged in the same time it takes to install the application one-time

Another key advantage is provided by Liquidware ProfileUnity that supports seamless migrations to WVD. Using the solution, organizations can experience zero downtime when switching users’ workspaces to this platform. A video demonstration of Microsoft WVD with FSLogix and ProfileUnity can be seen here. Moreover, the solution can on-board users to FSLogix profile containers on WVD and Windows multi-session 10 EVD from other Microsoft operating systems or virtual desktop platforms.

“Our adaptive workspace management solutions add significant value to WVD through benefits such as streamlined base image management and a seamless co-existence or migration from any other desktop platform. We also complement FSLogix deployments by enabling cross-OS compatibility and quick backup and restore of FSLogix profile containers from Azure,” stated J. Tyler Rohrer, co-founder and Director of Strategic Alliances at Liquidware. “Having been selected as an inaugural ecosystem partner when WVD was first announced in September 2018, we are now ‘locked and loaded’ to assist customers and partners to move to WVD. We envision our solutions being key to enabling WVD rapid adoption in the coming months.”

Customers reviewing WVD are eligible for trial licenses of all solutions in Liquidware’s Adaptive Workspace Management suite known as Liquidware Essentials. For customers looking at general information on WVD and the cost ramifications, Liquidware has authored a white paper that includes a cost calculator to assist organizations in their understanding of the benefits of WVD.