Liquidware’s Adaptive Workspace Management Speeds the Adoption of Working From Home

Liquidware’s Adaptive Workspace Management Speeds the Adoption of Working From Home

March 24, 2020 Off By Hoofer

Liquidware outlines how it is helping businesses to smoothly transition employees from on-premises to working from home in the current COVID-19 global crisis. 

Organizations that leverage Liquidware solutions can quickly migrate from physical Windows desktops to any platform, including Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or VMware Horizon. Employees can easily, and securely, work from home immediately. User on-boarding of virtual workspaces is automated and always ready for quick burst scaling in the event of crisis situations or changing business needs. 

Jason E. Smith VP Products, Liquidware stated, “Liquidware solutions optionally leverage universally available and replicated cloud-based storage from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Support of these object-based storage platforms is innovative and ideal for cloud staging of your users’ smart profiles and data, enabling logins from new alternate desktops and locations at a moment’s notice. All key pre-requisites when having employees access their data and applications from an unfamiliar environment.”

“Liquidware’s comprehensive solution suite is a key element in our portfolio to enable XenTegra to assist our customers in transitioning their employees to work from home,” stated Pete Downing, chief marketing technology officer at XenTegra, a Liquidware partner. “It enables them to log into their workspace from any compatible device, anytime, from anywhere with all of their familiar settings and applications needed to perform their job function, without any interruptions in business continuity.”

To prepare organizations for business continuity and remote workforce strategies, Liquidware’s product suite has every integral phase of adoption and production covered with: 

  • Liquidware Stratusphere UX can be leveraged to quickly assess users and desktops to give organizations a plan to go forward. Upon deployment of the new virtual or cloud-based desktops Stratusphere UX provides indispensable monitoring and diagnostics to troubleshoot environments and home-based end points to help ensure quality of service.
  • Liquidware ProfileUnity quickly harvests smart user profiles and invokes policy management that follows the user contextually across any platform, any device and/or any Windows OS. Users can be seamlessly on-boarded to new or expanded virtual and cloud-based desktops to work from home at a moment’s notice.
  • Liquidware FlexApp delivers applications across any Windows desktop environment without installing them. Apps follow the user from the data center or the cloud, even if they’ve logged onto a new desktop. FlexApp can be leveraged to quickly deploy applications without the need to modify base images. The solution is compatible with any Windows desktop or server including Citrix Virtual Apps and Amazon AppStream. 

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