Liquidware Provides Solution for Fast Track to Windows 10

Liquidware Provides Solution for Fast Track to Windows 10

April 17, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Liquidware, the leader in adaptive workspace management (AWM), today announced that its Hosted Proof of Concept is enabling enterprises to trial its suite of solutions without incurring any hardware or software costs, accelerating moves to new platforms such Windows 10 or cloud hosted desktops.

With the recent announcement of the public preview of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop many enterprises must now be contemplating the best way to harness the value of desktops-as-a-service and how to gracefully migrate their users to this new platform. By providing a hosted, free of charge, proof of concept environment, the Hosted POC is a unique benefit to enable qualified Enterprise organizations to validate Liquidware’s adaptive workspace management solutions quickly and affordably ahead of internal POC projects.

“By providing enterprises with a fast track to assess our solutions, Liquidware is again providing an innovative way to support our customers’ transformation journeys,” commented Jason E. Smith, VP Products, Liquidware. “Our adaptive workspace management suite enables customers to simply assess what they have today, seamlessly migrate to a new platform such as Windows 10 or the cloud, and then deliver applications on demand in the new environment. We have delivered many industry firsts in our technology and are pleased to be able to provide a hosted proof of concept of our solutions to enable organizations to trial them totally unencumbered.”

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