LG and Cameyo Collaborate to Deliver Seamless Access to Apps on ChromeOS Flex Certified Devices

LG and Cameyo Collaborate to Deliver Seamless Access to Apps on ChromeOS Flex Certified Devices

September 8, 2023 Off By David

LG Business Solutions USA and Cameyo have announced a collaboration to provide a ChromeOS device bundle that gives organizations seamless access to all of their apps – including Windows apps – on LG ChromeOS Flex certified devices. With this announcement, LG Business Solutions will bundle Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and Cameyo Virtual App Delivery (VAD) licenses with select enterprise devices, enabling organizations to provide their employees with a native application experience on LG’s ChromeOS Flex certified devices while eliminating the need for costly and complex virtual desktops.

Each LG & Cameyo bundle for ChromeOS includes:

  • One of LG’s ChromeOS Flex certified devices (see list of qualifying devices below)
  • One Cameyo Virtual App Delivery (VAD) annual license
  • One Chrome Enterprise Upgrade annual license

“With more businesses moving to ChromeOS to take advantage of the security, manageability, and cost benefits, it’s imperative they ensure it’s a smooth transition for their end users to avoid dips in productivity,” said  Stephen K. Hu, Senior Director of IT Business Development at LG Business Solutions USA. “By bundling our LG devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and Cameyo licenses, we’re providing a simple path for migrating to managed ChromeOS Flex certified devices while helping employees have uninterrupted access to virtually everything they need to get their jobs done.”  

With this bundle, LG is providing a complete solution that enables businesses to easily adopt managed ChromeOS Flex certified devices that have seamless access to all of their apps – including Windows, Linux, SaaS, and internal web apps – as progressive web apps (PWAs) directly from their LG ChromeOS Flex certified devices via Cameyo. 

“Our recent research shows that 53%* of businesses surveyed currently have ChromeOS deployed in some capacity within their organization,” said Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Though these organizations realize the benefit of ChromeOS, many have not embraced it enterprise-wide due to the inability to easily access all of their apps – especially Windows apps. This bundle, coupled with last week’s announcement that Cameyo has been integrated into ChromeOS, can increase adoption of ChromeOS devices in the enterprise without disrupting end users’ access to Windows apps that are core to the business.” *Research Brief: Sprawl: The Not-so-hidden Enemy of IT Efficiency, Enterprise Strategy Group, July 2023

The LG & Cameyo bundle for ChromeOS is available today, and helps organizations of all sizes recognize the following benefits:

  • Seamless User Experience – Instead of virtual desktop environments that force users to log in to a separate virtual Windows experience just so they can access their apps, the integration of ChromeOS and Cameyo provides simple, unified access to all of an organization’s apps for a better end-user experience. 
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership – Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) recent Economic Validation study found that ChromeOS and Cameyo provide a 54%* reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to virtual desktops. *(Economic Validation: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of ChromeOS and Cameyo, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), May 2023)
  • Increased Security – While many remote access technologies like VDI and DaaS expose firewall and server ports to the open internet, increasing the attack surface, ChromeOS and Cameyo’s Zero Trust security models remove those risks by locking down firewall and server ports and eliminating the need for VPNs. This keeps apps and devices isolated from network resources so that users only access the apps and data they need.
  • Eliminating the Complexity of Virtual Desktops – This bundle enables organizations to eliminate the infrastructure and licensing complexity of delivering full virtual desktops to their users, all while maintaining access to their apps.

“LG is deeply committed to providing organizations with cloud-first devices that are easy to manage, secure, and cost-effective. We’re proud to work alongside them as we continue to see increased demand for ChromeOS in the enterprise,” said Andrew Miller, CEO of Cameyo. “This collaboration and bundle gives organizations an end-to-end solution that enables them to simply provide their users with an LG ChromeOS Flex Certified device and, as soon as they log in with their SSO of choice, get instant access to all of their apps.”    


The LG & Cameyo bundle for ChromeOS is available today through select resellers and distributors. LG devices eligible for this bundle include: 

  • LG 14ZT980 Mobile Thin Client
  • LG 15ZT90P Mobile Thin Client
  • LG 16UT70Q-G Mobile Thin Client
  • LG CL600N-6N
  • LG 24CN670NK6N
  • LG 24CN650N
  • LG 34CN650N