Kyligence Introduces an Intelligent Metrics Store to Democratize Data Analytics

June 29, 2022 0 By Hoofer

Kyligence announced Kyligence Zen, an intelligent metrics store platform that helps to align business goals and key metrics. The new platform automates data pipelines from data lakes or data warehouses to its multidimensional OLAP database to deliver metrics consistency and data trust in a cost-effective way.

The high complexity of data stacks and pipelines has resulted in low efficiency and inconsistency of data analytics. Without a unified metrics store, an organization’s metrics logic is duplicated, in different platforms or tools, causing significantly more work for data analysts to combine and analyze metrics in one place repeatedly.

“Data democratization empowers a growing population of business-oriented analysts and managers to drive their decisions with data,” said Kevin Petrie, vice president of research, Eckerson Group. “However, they raise governance risks as they create duplicative or contradictory business metrics. Kyligence seeks to reduce this risk by helping standardize enterprises on a shared, governed metrics store.”

Kyligence Zen is built on top of Kyligence’s high performance OLAP platform and leverages its AI-Augmented engine to identify datasets and metrics automatically. It provides a metrics catalog, management and access from APIs. The new product brings a game-changing methodology for data teams to simplify metrics pipelines and unleash data values by enabling everyone to consume metrics.

“It’s very hard to find the right metrics from thousands of reports spread across different data systems, so data teams are focusing more on data pipelines but less focused on the true value of data,” said Luke Han, CEO, Kyligence. “We believe metrics-driven analytics platforms will help organizations build the alignment between business and metrics. Helping global industry leaders including banks, insurance companies and retailers to successfully build their unified analytics platforms in the past several years, Kyligence knows deeply about those challenges and Kyligence Zen is our answer to the data industry challenges.”

Kyligence Zen is a platform to decouple metrics definition and underlying data sources, connect to cloud storage and data lake without IT efforts, and expose metrics as APIs to be consumed from BI, reporting and visualization. Data analysts that own the metrics can define their metrics once in the metrics store and consistently reuse across BI, automation tools, business workflows and advanced analytics.

Benefits include:

  • Business agility: With a more responsive data system, business users and developers can get rid of inefficient processes and repeated work.
  • Consistent metrics definition: Centrally manage metrics, avoid metric ambiguity, ensure consistent metrics definition, and improve metrics reusability between different businesses.
  • Collaborative and Aligned: Leverage metrics to align business and management goals, and improve overall organizational capabilities.
  • Reduced costs: Empower business with self-serve metrics analytics, and help data teams get rid of repeated ETL work and focus on metrics management.


Kyligence Zen is available in early access.Request for trial here.