Key Factors in Choosing On-Premises IT vs. Public Cloud

December 23, 2016 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from VirtualizationReview. Author: Trevor Pott.

Public cloud computing costs more than do-it-yourself datacenters. Except when it doesn’t. On a per-VM basis, standing up public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) instances for 24×7 use is egregiously expensive per VM, but the floor cost can’t be beat. If I want to stand up a workable small business network, I need several infrastructure components.

I need, at a minimum, a DNS server, a DHCP server, storage and something to run workloads. If I’m planning to expand my business at all before the refresh on that hardware is up, then I’m probably going to want to use virtualization, as it’s still the only rational way to spin up and down workloads as needed for on-premises deployments…

The Importance of Multiple Clusters

In theory, I could do DHCP and DNS off of my switching or routing infrastructure, but that doesn’t exactly provide high availability, and for core infrastructure components I like high availability. I also would kind of like to have a directory service so that I could have centralized passwords, security and so on. In the real world, this means a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC)…

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