Juniper SVP: Cloud Computing’s Next Wave Unifies Security and Connectivity

August 16, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from SDXCentral. Author: Jessica Lyons Hardcastle.

Juniper Network’s security products have taken a backseat to its switches and routers over the past year as the company’s cloud business strategy continues to boost revenues. But as hyperscalers, telcos, and enterprises invest more in cloud data centers and architecture, they’ll need to beef up security — which makes cloud security a “very attractive market,” said Kevin Hutchins, SVP of strategy and product line management at Juniper.

Speaking at the 2017 Instinet Media and Telecom Conference, Hutchins acknowledged that Juniper’s security product performance “hasn’t been where we’d like it to be.” But, he added, there’s an opportunity to grow that portfolio. “Security is just going to become a key feature of how do you connect users to applications, applications to applications, regardless of where they are sitting,” Hutchins said…

“The synergy between security and connectivity is just going to increase. Not many people in the market have the ability to provide that combined value proposition of both security and connectivity.” He said he expects Juniper’s security business to recover by the end of the year…

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