Is the Cloud Safe for Hosting Images?

April 10, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Have you ever heard the saying "ignorance is bliss"? Well, you can correctly assume that the phrase is even more relevant whenever you are speaking about online safety. It is very important that you, as an online user, are always aware and alert. So, if you have yet to jump on the cloud computing train, you may be wondering how safe and secure it is when it comes to storing data and images for your auction templates and other online activities.

The Basics of Cloud Computing

There is a high probability that you have been using cloud computing for a while without even knowing it. The cloud powers things like webmail for Yahoo and Google, social media sites, blogs, Google Docs, online gaming, and online storage.

Even though any reference to the cloud makes it appear like it is all encompassing, there are actually plenty of smaller ‘clouds’ online. Some of them are operated by companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. These companies use their clouds to provide users with a wide range of services.

There are also clouds that are built for private and internal use for companies and their employees, while there are others that are specifically designed to be rented by online organizations and individuals.

Cloud computing lives on the servers and chips of millions of data centers. There are some that are connected to each other globally, and others that are not connected to each other at all. It is these servers and chips that provide the power that is needed to deliver online services to you like image hosting, IMs, and emails.

When you send data to these servers, it will be stored on the server of your service provider. This is why you can instantly log in to your Yahoo account from your smartphone, or you can access photos from iCloud when you sync your iPhone or iPad with the Apple Store.

Are There Any Risks?

The cloud has changed our lives drastically. However, there are some risks associated with the cloud. Criminals are always looking for a way to gather as much information about people in any way they can, no matter who they hurt along the way.

Cyber crimes are becoming increasingly common and many hackers are fully able to extort money and information from their victims. There is an online black market that thrives on the theft of personal and sensitive information. Phishing emails, infected malware, and dubious links are just some of the tactics that are used by online criminals to get you to give them information.

How to Stay Safe Online

Companies with large cloud computing systems like Facebook and Google spend a lot of money making sure that cloud data centers are safe and secure. They accomplish this by using IT standards that are internationally recognized, as well as implementing extra security measures that are not visible to online users.

However, there can still be security gaps present within the cloud. Online users can create complex and various passwords for each log-in ID they have. They can also use a secure backup service online to protect data in case their mobile device or laptop is stolen.

Cloud computing is an effective method for minimizing computing infrastructure frustrations. By staying alert when online, cloud services can transform your business and your personal life.