Is SMS Marketing Effective?

Is SMS Marketing Effective?

May 9, 2019 Off By David

There are hundreds of marketing channels for reaching out to customers, but not all of them deliver good results. Some are highly effective while others are lackluster in their performance. In order to successfully market your business to customers, you must choose the right marketing channel. Traditional marketing channels like TV and print remain high in cost while email and mobile advertising struggle against spam filters and ad-blocking.

So which marketing medium should you use? We recommend SMS. Some people doubt the effectiveness of SMS marketing and if you are one of them, read on to see why SMS marketing is one of the most effective strategies.

Growing Number of Cell Phone Users

The number of cell phones users has almost tripled over the last ten years. In 2017, more than 5 billion people were using a cell phone. Since there are more cell phones in hand, SMS marketing has become more effective than ever. It is estimated that cell phones are touched 2,617 times every day by their users. This means that your SMS message is most likely to be read by the recipient.

High Open Rates

The open rate of SMS messages is 98 percent while research shows that 84 percent of SMS messages are read within five minutes. The response rate for SMS is 45 percent compared to 8 percent of email. Moreover, about 45 percent of people reply to text messages they receive from brands.

These stats show that SMS marketing can prove to be effective for targeting consumers.

Boost Other Channels

SMS marketing can help increase the interaction of users with other channels like website or email. For example, you can send a shortened hyperlink to a subscriber asking them to check their email for a discount coupon or a promotional offer. Alternatively, you could include a link directing subscribers to your store for buying discounted products.

Direct Marketing

One of the reasons SMS marketing is so effective is that it allows you to reach consumers directly. There are no ad blockers or any other interference that can stop your text messages from reaching the consumer – unless they opt out of receiving your messages.

Using a Bulk SMS service like the one offered by Mobivate, you can send direct text messages to a large number of people any time. Since you’ll be sending message to people who have opted to receive texts from your brand, you can expect a high interaction rate.

More Effective than Social Media Advertisement

Social media platforms have grown in popularity among business due to their advertisement capabilities. However, not everyone uses social networking platforms. This means that social media marketing may not be as effective as SMS marketing.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how effective SMS marketing is, consider using it for your business promotion. Despite statistics of SMS marketing’s effectiveness, 65 percent of brands currently don’t have a viable strategy in place to take advantage of SMS. This means that if you can create a formal SMS marketing strategy now, you might able to take the lead over your competitors.