Is dynamic resource execution the answer to auto-scaling cloud apps?

January 5, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Chen Wu.

Dynamic resource management for cloud computing is at a critical crossroad. The ultimate objective when provisioning software-defined infrastructure, synchronizing inter-cloud resources, or allocating network bandwidth is allowing applications to successfully execute on demand without concern for capacity. While these approaches are effective in supplying applications with additional capacity on demand, the downside is that application performance may not be optimized in the process.

Cloud applications and services have become so complex that the runtime synchronization of resources required to support them drags down overall performance and leaves capacity unused. To tap this unused capacity, and deliver the performance expected, we need to enhance resource management with something like intelligent resource execution. Let me explain…

Auto-scaling VMs and private virtual clouds is arguably the most critical type of dynamic resource management. This scaling capability now allows cloud applications to be designed and operated such that if more storage capacity is needed, that capacity and the resolution of its network address will be seamlessly provided. Further, these applications depend on an increasingly complex and automated set of cloud-native services to manage things such as data replication and synchronization, load distribution and VM failover.

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