Industries That Are Most Impacted by the IoT

Industries That Are Most Impacted by the IoT

August 16, 2021 Off By Hoofer

The Internet of Things has taken the world by storm, transforming standard products and equipment into powerful investments. But what is the Internet of Things? Put simply, the IoT is a massive network of connected devices. In other words, it’s a bridge between the digital and the physical. Items from smartwatches to smart robotics connect to the Internet, where data is transferred, stored, and gathered in real-time.

Over time, the IoT has spread to the industrial sector. Referred to as the IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, these connected devices improve efficiency, accuracy, and production speed. Industries that are most impacted by the IoT include the healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.


The IoT is infiltrating the manufacturing industry in profound ways. Machinery and equipment that once relied on humans to operate are now equipped to function through software, firmware, and Internet connectivity. These capabilities make accurate and real-time data collection and analytics possible. Additionally, connected machinery and equipment allow for automation, preventive maintenance, and immediate recovery after system failures. As a result, manufacturing facilities are dramatically improving workflows and processes, leading to faster turnaround times and greater cost savings.


The healthcare industry is forecasted to become a top user of the IIoT. With so many devices now capable of connecting to the Internet, the medical sector is reaping incredible benefits. For example, providers are able to take photographs with machinery and share them with patients, whereas only a few years ago such a feat was impossible. Connected medical equipment also allows providers and technicians to gather more data. Providers use this data to more accurately diagnose patients, and technicians use this data to more accurately troubleshoot and repair the equipment.


The transportation sector is another industry that is most impacted by the IIoT. Cities are investing in cameras and sensors along construction sites, roadways, and intersections to gauge speed and improve traffic flow. Railways are also installing cameras and sensors along tracks to keep an eye on locomotive wear and tear, particularly on wheel assemblies. Insurance companies are also providing monitors that collect data and report on driving behaviors.