Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance Taps Scale Computing for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

March 20, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Today, it was announced that Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance, the largest insurance company entirely based in Idaho, is using Scale Computing’s HC3 solution to modernize their IT infrastructure for maximum performance, reliability and low cost of ownership.

“Our customers rely on us to provide prompt and accurate service as they’re dealing with important, urgent issues, so exceptional IT availability and reliability are vital to our organization,” said Adam Waldron, CIO at Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance. “With Scale Computing, we were able to migrate our entire IT environment to a single hyperconverged system, greatly improving reliability and reducing complexity, while keeping costs down.”

Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance, established in 1947 by a group of farmers and ranchers, is now the largest writer of farm and ranch insurance in the state. With more than $200 million in written net premiums, Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance needed maximum reliability and uptime in their IT infrastructure with no margin for error.

Before migrating to Scale Computing, the insurance company utilized a blend of VMware virtualization and SAN technologies, which was complicated, difficult and expensive. In addition, the company was managing an increasing amount of data while undergoing a legacy migration that required additional expensive software licensing.

“Maximum reliability in an IT infrastructure is essential for any organization, especially a company with more than $200 million in written net premiums like Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance,” said Jeff Ready, CEO at Scale Computing. “With Scale Computing HC3, customers like Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance can leverage the performance power and low cost of ownership of hyperconvergence, with the expertise of Scale Computing’s support team on the backend.”

Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance needed a solution to support its integrated, cloud-based P&C insurance lifecycle solution, including its new geographic information system (GIS), drones and Internet of Things initiatives.

Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance turned to Scale Computing’s HC3 platform for server, storage, virtualization and disaster recovery in a single solution. With HC3, no additional software licensing was needed, reducing licensing and maintenance costs. The all-in-one HC3 was far less complex than other solutions, greatly simplifying the management and maintenance of its infrastructure, saving Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance millions of dollars on equipment.

The native disaster recovery features built into Scale Computing’s HC3 eliminates the need for Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance to add more complexity with third-party disaster recovery solutions. With HC3, Idaho Farm Bureau Insurance’s entire infrastructure, including all VMs and disaster recovery, can be managed easily from a web-based interface.