IBM Smartcloud Infrastructure – Build your private and hybrid cloud computing environment

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Contributed Article.  Author: Deney Dentel, CEO Nordisk Systems, Inc.
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Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard. The convenience and power afforded by cloud computing has helped millions of businesses, organizations, and individuals to build up very impressive computing systems, the likes of which were once the exclusive domain of much larger and richer entities. What the cloud enables is access to all the latest advances in computer technologies available, as well as the power of virtualization and connectivity.
As Clear as Day
The intelligence and convenience cloud computing are completely obvious once you start using it for yourself. “The Cloud” has several different definitions and connotations, as well as several different firms offering themselves as the alpha and omega when it comes to getting you together with the cloud. But there are few if any with the institutional knowledge and talent of IBM Smartcloud.

IBM SmartCloud isn’t just one product, it’s a vast and growing range of services and products designed to deliver the very best of what IBM can do for you with the cloud. All areas of cloud computing are completely covered, sometimes even before they pop up. Platform, Software, and Infrastructure are all offered as very convenient and well managed services. You can get them on your own private system, over the public cloud, or through some kind of customized hybrid model.
There are 3 main branches of IBM Smartcloud: SmartCloud Solutions, Smartcloud Services, and Smartcloud Foundation. Each separate branch focuses on different types of solutions for different types of businesses, much in line with IBM’s typically exceptional organization.
With Smartcloud Foundation, you have the most complete set of requisite gear to build your own private or hybrid cloud available on the market today. It consists of management, hardware, infrastructure, provisioning, security, and integration that serve as a platform for PaaS, backup, and IaaS services featured in SmartCloud Services. Smartcloud Solutions takes the first two and uses them to power high level business computing applications like collab and analytics.
As Much or as Little as you Need
True to IBM’s mission to provide the absolute best possible service for their clients, they offer individual features and clusters of SmartCloud for clients who are not necessarily looking to buy into the overall package. Features like IBM Virtualization, or any one of Tivoli’s catalogue are very easily integrated into the overall superstructure of any cloud platform, not just those under IBM’s auspicious aegis. But with SmartCloud as a product, the experience is much better-rounded and customer satisfaction consequentially greater.
As is the case with nearly all IBM products, SmartCloud is heavily customizable to your particular situation. Of course, the best cloud solution is one so seamless that it is easy to forget anything was ever done in the first place. With a
reputable local IBM cloud contractor, this situation is not just possible, it is the absolute norm.
So if you have the righteous inkling that you’d be better served with a cloud solution, don’t hesitate to get a hold of your nearby IBM provider. Both they and IBM themselves are completely dedicated to helping your business to not just succeed, but to advance the art of your particular business genre.


About the Author

Deney serves as CEO for Nordisk Systems, Inc. Nordisk Systems specializes in IBM Cloud computing services provider supplies the data center, computing infrastructure, and management of these assets. Nordisk Systems makes cloud computing easy. They can also offer their customers storage, server, desktop, and even network virtualization solutions. Nordisk has expertise in VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V and especially PowerVM.