HYCU Introduces World’s First Data Protection Development Platform for SaaS

HYCU Introduces World’s First Data Protection Development Platform for SaaS

February 1, 2023 Off By David

HYCU, Inc., the world’s fastest-growing multi-cloud data protection as a service company, unveiled R-Cloud today, to allow Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide, in days, backup and recovery services for their SaaS offerings.  R-Cloud is the world’s first low-code, purpose-built data protection development platform specifically designed to make it easy for SaaS vendors to deliver a true enterprise class backup and recovery service for their users that is secure and scalable. With more than 17,000 SaaS applications in use across organizations today, 99% of those applications have no reliable backup and recovery available. With the explosion of SaaS and the rapid modernization of applications, it is more difficult than ever to see, manage, and protect business-critical applications for IT departments. 

“If the number of vendors in one of the industry’s leading market reports have only protected seven SaaS applications to date, the current approach to backup and recover SaaS has no future,” said Simon Taylor, HYCU Founder and CEO. “The entire approach is broken. New SaaS offerings are being built. New approaches to protect them are a must. That is why we have re-thought the way data protection is done and found a way to provide ISVs and SaaS vendors the ability to add data protection with ease. Granular backup and recovery for SaaS is now available in as little as four days when it would have taken at least four quarters before to develop.” 

R-Cloud is the result of four years of development, and a number of patent-pending innovations, in an effort to closely engage with existing customers and SaaS solutions providers and to ensure there is an easy way to visualize all data across the enterprise, identify what data is protected, ensure data is not left unprotected, and be able to recover data in the event of human error or malicious attack. At its foundation, the R-Cloud platform empowers SaaS companies to leverage HYCU’s data protection expertise, orchestration, identity and access management, policy management, and analytics to ensure all SaaS data is protected.  

“Today marks a significant new milestone in what HYCU has been able to accomplish and will set a new standard in what companies should expect from data protection solutions,” said Enrique Salem, partner, Bain Capital Ventures. “Only HYCU provides the solution for organizations to protect, manage, and recover all of their SaaS applications.” 

For the first time, SaaS companies using R-Cloud can quickly release secure and verifiable data protection delivered as a service for their customers. Now, IT admins and developers that need data protection regardless of SaaS-based application will be able to access powerful data protection services. Today, the average development time to create new data protection is at least four quarters, and HYCU has reduced the time to four days. With the introduction of R-Cloud, users will gain the following benefits:  

  • Low-code, Integrated Development Environment:R-Cloud empowers SaaS companies and ISVs to quickly develop new R-Cloud modules for their SaaS services, shortening development cycles to days rather than years. 
  • Rapid Diagnosis via Graphical Visualization: Businesses get acomprehensive visualization of their entire data estate and protection status via auto-discovery and mapping of all applications and services – SaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, public, and private cloud. Organizations get a detailed and holistic view of their business-critical data and their protection status. 
  • Tight Integration with Award-winning Data Protection Technology:SaaS companies and ISVs can couple their application intelligence with the discovery, orchestration, security, policy management, and reporting of HYCU. 
  • Secure, Patented New Recovery Service:Applications developed on R-Cloud will provide SaaS users with:
    • One-click backup – Users can ‘set and forget’ backup policies that run 24/7 
    • Granular recovery – Quickly recover granular elements across any SaaS application protected. 
    • Self-service capabilities – Deliver role-based access control and enable SaaS admins and users to protect and restore critical data. 
    • Security and confidence – All developed data protection services are stored securely, and protected against ransomware. 
  • Data Protection Services on HYCU Protégé Marketplace: Organizations can subscribe and access a growing library of all SaaS, DBaaS, and PaaS applications that are protected.  

    The first SaaS-based applications, databases, and services supported in R-Cloud will include: Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Workspace, Google BigQuery, Salesforce, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Software, Atlassian Jira Service Management, Okta and Microsoft 365. New application integrations will be available through HYCU Protégé Marketplace. 

“Now, more than ever, companies need to keep their employees and their technology resources secure, especially in light of geopolitical risk and the increase in ransomware attacks,” said Theresia Gouw, Founding Partner, Acrew Capital. “This has been a key area of investment for us and HYCU is well suited to address. The launch of R-Cloud comes at an important moment in time, where the rise in SaaS application use in organizations is forcing new and innovative approaches to protecting and recovering applications and data. HYCU is leading that charge, and we are excited at what’s to come.” 
“We invested in HYCU because of its leading data protection technology,” said Philip Braddock, Portfolio Management Lead, Atlassian Ventures. “We believe that data protection as a service is crucial to the success of teams and with R-Cloud, HYCU enables teams to deploy data protection solutions faster to safeguard their work. R-Cloud adds huge value for Atlassian’s 200,000+ cloud customers and we’re excited to see its impact on thousands of global teams.”  

To learn more about R-Cloud visit, https://www.hycu.com/r-cloud. A live R-Cloud launch webinar with a detailed demonstration starts at 11:00 am ET. To register, visit: R-Cloud Launch.