Huawei debuts open cloud fabric

September 19, 2015 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from  ITOnline.  Author: Kathy Gibson.

Kathy Gibson reports from Huawei Cloud Congress in Shanghai – The network has become the bottleneck stifling the ability of cloud computing to scale effectively; but software-defined networking (SDN) could hold the key to unlocking performance and scale.  “SDN is becoming necessary because, as the cloud gets bigger, traditional networking cannot satisfy the requirements,” says Swift Liu, president of Huawei’s switch and enterprise communications solutions.

“More and more enterprises are moving into SDN because they want to get more value from their investment in networking and their data centres.  “We think SDN is the future trend because it can provide more power utilisation and other features that we cannot provide today. The whole industry is moving to cloud, and networking has to move as well.”…

But even SDN has some constraints because so far it’s been difficult to integrate SDN with traditional networking resources.  As a leader in the SDN market, Liu believes Huawei is well positioned to move the technology forward. Huawei has been ranked as the fastest growing global DCN infrastructure provider, with 13% annual growth, and holds the number two position for DCN market share in China. “And in 2015 we are actually moving faster,” Liu reveals…

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