How To Properly Access the Security of Your Data Center

How To Properly Access the Security of Your Data Center

November 15, 2022 Off By David
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If you have a data center, you know it isn’t easy to maintain because you have to juggle so many factors. One of which is your data center’s security. You’ll have to consider many vulnerabilities, so it’s important todeterminehow to properly access the security of your data center. We’ll give you a few tips on how to do just that!

Test Physical Security Measures

Check your security measures to get a better grasp of your data center’s surveillance. Data center security faces huge threats, so it shouldn’t be easy to break into your data center. Do you keep the door locked regularly? Do you set up biometric scanning at the door? Did you install security cameras? Do they have blind spots? Who’s allowed in, and what consequences will they face if they enter the data center unauthorized? These are all extremely important questions to ask. If you don’t have the answers, or the answers are unsatisfactory, adjust your protocols accordingly.

Saved by the Generator

Data center security also extends to natural factors, as they can certainly throw you for a loop! Ensure your data center has seismic enclosures for the data cabinets. These cabinets and racks hold your servers, so you should protect them in case of a seismic event. Alternatively, high winds or rainstorms can cause blackouts. Are you prepared for these contingencies with a generator? If not, get one immediately.

Firewalls Will Save You 

Data centers aren’t just hardware holders. They’re also the nexus of various software components, especially the cloud. Do you have the best up-to-date firewalls to protect your clients’ and employees’ data? Try hiring a “white hat hacker” to test the security of your system. This is one of the most important ways to access your data center’s security. If anyone is going to break into your system, you want it to be an employee testing your security. Everything listed here will help you assess the security of your system and keep your clientele’s sensitive information safe.