How To Prevent Overheating in Your Data Center This Summer

How To Prevent Overheating in Your Data Center This Summer

June 26, 2023 0 By David

Data centers and their employees must worry about the threat of overheating and how it could permanently damage devices. High temperatures challenge the IT experts in data centers, as they must keep the facility cool. Fortunately, you can prevent overheating in your data center this summer and still enjoy the warm weather without the risk of a server shutdown.

Implement Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring readings of the racks and the room will help you understand how much heat the data center produces. Have employees continuously monitor temperatures using thermostats and other sensors.

Taking action is easy when you know if the devices are close to maximum heat limits. According to ASHRAE’s standards, the acceptable guidelines for device temperatures are about 90–113 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the equipment’s class. Keeping track of the current temperatures will prevent overheating and help the data center remain within guidelines.

Install a Liquid Cooling System

Although fans and air conditioning systems are great for keeping most data centers from overheating, a liquid cooling system is a better solution. Summer heat waves may lead to overheating and increase the risk of fires in the data center.

A liquid cooling system will maintain a stable, cool temperature throughout the location as water passes through each device. Heat will transfer from the devices to the water and eventually into the radiator.

This continuous loop maintains a stable temperature without a risk of overheating. Many liquid cooling systems are reliable options for servers, PCs, and other devices that continuously operate, and they’ll help you prevent overheating in your data center this summer.

Reorganize the Data Center

Reorganizing the data center will give the servers more breathing room for ventilation. Overcrowding the racks is a quick way to overheat the facility. Space them out as much as the cable lengths permit, and space them evenly to help with temperature control.

Cleaning is an important practice for organizing server rooms in your data center. You can prevent overheating by clearing away dust and dirt. Layers of particulates trap heat and may eventually clog ventilation on the devices. Change the room’s layout to help your center survive the summer’s heat.

Cooling is important for data centers, and you’ll need to try these methods to prevent overheating equipment. Then, you won’t even break a sweat when taking care of your data center.