How to Organize Your Corporate Wiki On the Cloud

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Since there are many companies today that has offices around the world and they have a lot of employees who travel back and forth from one office to another, their business methods need a lot of changes in order to make it work. 

Besides the fact that their offices are separated by thousands of miles, they still need to be able to communicate, share information and ideas in order to come up with coordinated business incentives. Additionally, most of those scattered business organizations have a lot of things to consider and they require sophisticated solutions that will allow them to function properly. 

This is where an online wiki software comes into play. It allows organizations to share different types of information between them in a simple, yet very effective way. Still, this is not the only thing you can do with cloud-based wiki software and we will focus upon that a bit more. 

Implementing your enterprise wiki software

The first thing you should remember about business wiki software is that there is a cloud option most companies use today. This means that this kind of software doesn’t have to be installed on any computer. 

They simply need to be set up online where you can get hosting for them or you could get your software from a company that provides cloud-based wiki software solutions. With this kind of options, everything will be set up online and the only thing your employees will have to do is access their wiki software and use it. 

The whole software will be maintained and updated by your provider and you will only have to use it as best as you can to improve your business processes. The only thing employees will need really is the Internet connection to access their platform. The whole process of implementation is quite simple and it takes almost no time.

Add important information

One of the essentials of all wiki platforms and similar knowledge base software solutions is that they include a lot of important information for their users. If a company is to use a wiki software for their business processes, it means that the management and employees are the ones who are going to access this tool and make the most of it. 

This means that building this kind of software for your company first means analyzing your business organization, all of the things you do and what your employees need to be able to do better to get better results. A wiki software solution gives you the option to collaborate, communicate, share, track, discuss, and comment. 

Depending on the focus of your business, you should include all of the vital data that will allow your employees to do all these things. Give them all the tools they need to get the job done and commit fewer mistakes as possible. 

Think of a wiki platform as an environment employees won’t have to leave. Make this a habit where they will feel comfortable working and communicating with each other.

Create a search engine

If you are designing a wiki or getting a whole package from somebody else, you should definitely make sure to get a search engine for it. Why? Simply because it makes the whole thing useful. Without a search engine, implementing a knowledge base software wouldn’t make much sense.   

When collaborating on a project or talking about future plans, employees will need certain information to explain something better or simply make a team member aware of certain things. Since you previously included all the relevant information in your wiki software solution, it can include a lot of pages and finding something could become difficult. 

This is why a search engine is absolutely essential for finding valuable data instantly and understanding each other better or overcoming various issues.

Create content

After you’ve determined what you need to put in your wiki software, the next step is to create that content and actually add it to your wiki. The content in a wiki includes texts, videos, images, and articles. First of all, you must create a form, or a structure you will always follow for each of your pages. 

Be consistent with how you structure your pages and make sure that when a person understands one page, he or she will be able to understand all the other pages in your wiki software. In some way, you must lead your readers during the beginning of each page and explain what you will talk about, then go deeper into the subject matter and explain things thoroughly. 

Furthermore, all of your content needs to use a language that everyone in your company understands. This includes the content you included at the start and for all of the things that will be added later by your employees. This is why it’s important to make a set of rules that outline how content needs to be written and added to your database.

Include valuable links

It’s very helpful to include relevant links throughout your wiki database, which leads to other pages that have relevant information. The page link should encompass all the information the reader expects and should be placed at a proper location. 

It’s a common thing that when a person is reading something, he or she might understand the overall topic and the things a certain article is trying to explain. But something which is seemingly not that important for the topic could be unclear and this might cause readers to get the wrong message. 

This is why it is important to read your content when creating it and see where these sort of additional explanations are necessary. This is where you should add links. Additionally, you can also later update pages and include links to places where you know people faced problems. 


Getting a cloud-based wiki software is the right move for any company. This is especially true if you do a lot of things using computers. IT companies with offices around the world need a tool that will be able to bring all their teams together and make sure they are on the same page, in spite of the fact that they are thousands of miles away.


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