How To Ensure Security in a Hybrid Cloud

How To Ensure Security in a Hybrid Cloud

November 22, 2021 Off By Hoofer

A hybrid cloud is a data storage solution that involves more than one platform, usually a mixture of on-premises infrastructure, colocation, private clouds, or public clouds. Of course, security is a predominant concern for anyone or any business storing sensitive or proprietary data, whether it’s in on-premises infrastructure or a cloud.

Creating security for a hybrid cloud can be challenging. After all, you need to protect data and applications in different environments. You might assume that your cloud provider is solely responsible for security, but some of it falls on your shoulders as well.

Learn how to ensure security in a hybrid cloud to protect your data.

Standardize Processes

Without standard processes of transferring or accessing data between the public and private clouds, you could be leaving your data vulnerable to human error or security lapses. Some of the most significant data breaches have occurred because of errors on public clouds, but you can avoid a similar situation by creating security protocols.

Encrypt Data

It’s crucial to encrypt data both while it rests in the cloud and while it’s in transit. Many cloud providers include data encryption as a security feature, but you should also create encryption between public and private clouds on your end.

Establish a Recovery Policy

You’ll need to create a recovery policy for emergencies like power outages. This policy might include creating data backups or even an entire recovery site, such as a modular design. You can set up a modular data center quickly, and they’re relatively inexpensive to operate.

Isolate Most Sensitive Data

It’s also smart to isolate the most sensitive data from other data to limit access to it. Network segmentation is one approach that divides your hybrid cloud into multiple segments, allowing each to act as its own network.

Understanding how to ensure security in a hybrid cloud before implementation can help you protect your data and eradicate common threats from the start.