How To Be A Better IT Manager

August 10, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Working in IT is a tough job because it’s a complex industry and you need to have specific knowledge that’s going to help advance the company where you work. Part of your responsibility in a leadership role is to be a good manager and help the employees who are under you succeed. 
Not only will you enjoy your job more when you learn how to become a better IT manager, but your department will likely thrive as well. People will start to notice all your hard work,and you’ll have a better chance at being in the running for the next promotion. 
Educate Yourself  

As a manager, you can’t always expect to depend on other people for answers and solutions. You have to want to take the initiative to educate yourself on all that’s going on in the IT world and be ready to propose your ideas to management. Become a better IT manager when you not only have the skill, but also the knowledge to excel at your job. Attend conferences, read up on various publications and take online courses to help you gain new information and stay on top of the latest trends. Keep in mind that the more you know the better suggestions you can make and the more people will trust you to do a good job. 

Be Proactive  
You’ll be a better IT manager when you’re proactive and come to the table ready with thoughts around how your company can improve in certain areas. For example, you could save your workplace money by taking the time to search internet providers in my area and pricing out the best option for your company. Never assume that what’s already in place when you start at a company is necessarily the right answer. The other leaders will appreciate your efforts and the fact that you’re always thinking ahead and trying to cut costs. Avoid waiting around for requests to come to you, and instead be ready with different viewpoints and proposals no one else has thought of yet.  
Hire Wisely 
Good managers take the time to insert themselves in the hiring process and care about who they allow to join their team. Become better in your role by reading through resumes and spending the time to interview potential candidates who you think would be a good fit. Not only take pride in who you hire, but also know how to delegate and reward your employees once they’re part of the company. Rushing through this process will only make your job as an IT manager harder in the long run and you’ll likely have a high turnover rate, which will reflect poorly on you. 
Get Involved  
Become a better IT manager by making an effort to get more involved in the company in general. Learn about the different departments, introduce yourself to coworkers and understand the overall business goals of the company. You’ll be a more well-rounded person for it and will likely improve your job performance as well in the process. Only focusing on you and your position will give you tunnel vision and you won’t easily relate to others or be able to offer up solutions that will benefit everyone.  
Be Willing to Take Risks 
Unfortunately, technology and the IT industry can be a bit complicated and confusing at times. This means you’re likely going to have to take calculated risks once in a while and not always have the confidence that you’re heading in the right direction. Be a better IT manager by remaining flexible and being able to think quickly on your feet in case changes are necessary and you need a backup plan. You have to know how to be thoughtful and courageous all at the same time if you want to make a difference at your company without committing any major errors. While it’s important to think ahead and be on the cutting edge, you also have to know when to speak up and say you need more information before proceeding.
Lead by Example 
People are always watching you when you’re a manager, so make sure you’re setting a good example at all times. If you want your employees to work hard and make wise decisions, then you need to practice doing the same. Be a better IT manager by showcasing what behaviors you want your team to emulate when you’re not around. Remember that everything they do is essentially a reflection of you and your management skills, so avoid slacking whenever possible. If you’re always cutting corners and not following the rules, then you can expect that those you’re in charge of at work will do the same.  
Get Organized  
Always being disorganized and not knowing where your important notes or belongings are is embarrassing and others will start to get tired of you wasting their time. Make it a point to get your tasks and to-do list in order so you can focus more on working and waste fewer moments searching and digging for what it is you need. The more organized you are at home and in your office the better you’ll be able to perform your job duties and show others that you deserve the title of manager. Take the time to learnyour employee’s names, maintain a calendar with your appointments and obligations and put your files and papers in a place where you can easily find them.  
It takes a lot of patience, talent and persistence to be a good IT manager and get recognized by your coworkers for your performance. Take advantage of these ideas for how you can improve in certain areas and transform yourself into an even more talented and sought afterleader.You’ll get a lot further in your career when you focus in on these tips and work hard each day to polish your skills and grow deeper relationships with your employees. Remember to have fun challenging yourself and seeing if you can continue to advance in your career as time goes on