How the Cloud is Benefitting the Auto Industry

January 9, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Cloud computing has made a massive difference to almost every industry, and it’s a staple technology that many of us rely on each and every day.  While there are many far-reaching benefits to the cloud when used for personal or business use, you may also be surprised to find out that it has actually had a positive impact on the auto industry.  Below are some of the ways it has done just that.

Risk Reduction and Security

Car and truck owners may like to pimp up their vehicles with dual cat stacks and tinted windows, but those who want to improve the gadgetry in their autos, need to consider security.  According to web security company McAfee, cybersecurity is as important for cars as it is for cell phones and computers.  Cloud-based security can help to keep the car’s technology safe from hackers, keeping it safe from problems.  Users can create a personal encryption key and be notified of any threats before they cause damage to the vehicle in question.

Entertainment and GPS

Many motorists use apps like Google Maps and Spotify while in their cars to provide them with music and navigational help.  However, many modern vehicles have eliminated the need to do this, as they feature integrated dashboards that contain everything a motorist could ever need.  With cloud integration, motorists can speak to their vehicles and ask them where the closest pizza takeout is or where the closest steak restaurants are.  Cars that are linked to the cloud can also make use of cloud-based entertainment and on-demand streaming, something which is ideal for those who regularly travel with children.

Traffic Monitoring

Vehicles that are connected to the cloud can use this technology to communicate with other vehicles on the roads.  This is known as V2V – vehicle to vehicle – communication.  One of the main benefits of this is that it can help motorists to avoid congested highways and roads.  The auto industry has taken steps to try and eliminate much of the congestion by working out which roads are congested and then recommending drivers take alternate routes to their destination.  Although this won’t be fully achievable until all vehicles are equipped with cloud technology, it is something that has proved very beneficial to not only individual car owners but the traffic management industry as a whole.  Many of the current traffic management procedures are outdated, making them ineffective and inaccurate.  Cloud technology aims to change all of this.

Modern cars are much more technological than they were even just five years ago.  However, with this comes many benefits, especially in relation to the cloud.  Above are just three of the ways that the cloud has benefitted the automotive industry, but with technology continually improving, we’re sure there will be even more on the way.  Whether you just make use of the cloud when driving to visit family, or you are a truck driver and use it for work, there is no doubt of the improvements it has made.