How the Cloud Has Changed Education as We Know It

December 28, 2016 Off By Hoofer
The cloud has impacted many aspects of everyone’s everyday life, from the classroom to the workplace and everything in between. But how has the cloud changed education, in particular? Keep reading to learn about a few of the ways that this 21st century technology is helping teachers instruct better, and helping students learn better, even when they’re in tough MBA programs online.

Collaboration Is a Snap

Thanks to cloud technology, collaboration with people from all over the globe is easier than ever. There are plenty of ways that you can create files, share them, edit them, and more when you use free products, such as Google Docs, as well as other types of software and apps that are designed for professional collaboration. Everyone from the high school student to the student enrolled in an online MBA program can use the cloud to work on projects with fellow students, as well as share their work with their instructors.

Accessing Information While on the Go Is Easy

Another way that the cloud is changing education is by making it easy to access the information that you need even while you’re on the go. As a student, this comes in particularly handy because it means that you no longer have to worry about packing your books and taking them with you anytime you leave home. Instead, with your tablet or laptop, you can access your eBooks, assignments, instructor lectures, and more whenever you need them.

Teachers Can Incorporate More Tech in the Classroom

Yet another way that the cloud is taking the education world by storm is by giving teachers the ability to easily connect with information online and show it to their students in the classroom. A teacher can, for example, do plenty of research on a topic, gather her materials on the cloud, and then simply access all of that information directly from the cloud during a lecture.

Rather than having to bring in loads of paper to be handed out, and instead of having to worry about copying everything onto a DVD that can be played on the classroom TV, a teacher can hook her laptop up to a projector or even use her smartboard to bring technology into the classroom. And when this type of technology is included in lessons, students remain more engaged and find new topics easier to digest.

Students and Teachers Can Work on Assignments

Finally, the cloud makes it a snap for students to submit their assignments on time (no more late papers because the printer at home broke). Teachers can even connect with students to work on the assignments together. This further helps students learn a new topic and make edits to their work.

Technology, including cloud technology, has definitely changed the way that people learn in the modern world. Thanks to the cloud, it’s easier than ever to connect with teachers and fellow classmates, access assignments, work while you’re away from home, and collaborate on important tasks and projects. It will definitely be exciting to see where technology takes the world of education in the coming years.