How Technology is Making It Easier to Sell Homes

July 19, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Technology has transformed the real estate experience. Nowadays, it is difficult to sell a home if you fail to market it online first. Instead of relying on agents to talk to other agents, property hunters can now search for their dream house on any internet-enabled device. Find out how technology is making it easier to sell a home at the right price.

High-Quality Photography

Every real estate listing depends on high-quality photographs to make a sale. It is ideal for those who are considering buying a new property, as they can gain an insight into a home without having to step through the door. For this reason, many homeowners are hiring professional photographers, as they will use the best angles and lighting to showcase a home’s best features. What’s more, there are editing services that will allow homeowners to digitally alter an image to make it more appealing to a potential buyer. Unfortunately, if a listing fails to offer an impressive visual, many home hunters will simply look elsewhere.

A Video Tour

Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular technology options to add onto a real estate listing, as it allows prospective buyers to take a virtual tour of the property. In fact, it is believed to create an average of 403% more inquiries than listings without a video thumbnail. It’s a great way to highlight a space, and a production company will know how to film the tour to get the best footage and angles.

Real Estate Apps

Modern homebuyers are turning to real estate apps to scout the best properties at the best prices. Property management and realtor apps are making it easier than ever to add or browse a listing, arrange a viewing or to send an email. Both homeowners, buyers and tenants are looking for striking apps that offer great listings, lots of photos and an excellent user experience.

Social Media

Did you know that 93% of traffic to realtor website comes from social media websites, such as Facebook? It is often a homeowner’s greatest tool when selling their property, as you can spread the word about your home not only to your followers, but to their friends, too – so it’s a great way to promote a property within the local area.

Technology within the Home

It is not only digital marketing tools that can help to quickly sell a home for the best price. Technologies within the home can also make a property a more attractive option. For example, a potential buyer may fall in love with a home due to a smart security system, motorized window coverings or a smart audio system. Smart features often equal a more powerful home, so it could turn a property hunter into a buyer.

Technology is undoubtedly changing the real estate market for the better. Follow the above helpful tactics if you want to sell your home at a faster rate for the best possible price.