How Cloud Computing Will Enhance Intuitive Human Design

September 16, 2015 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Sourceable. Author: Marc Howe.

According to Philip Bernstein, VP Strategic Industry Relations, Autodesk, enhanced access to staggering amounts of computational power will result in profound changes to the design and development of built assets around the world. “We’re going to see some fundamental changes in the way that assets are built, designed and operated, and chief amongst them is what I call ‘anecdotal predictiveness,’” he said.

Bernstein believes the vast amounts of computational power accessible at low cost via the cloud means that certain decisions that were once made by experts based on years of experience and fine-honed pattern recognition could soon be automated. “We now have access to infinite computing and infinite storage thanks to the cloud,” he said…

“You want a million CPU cycles from Amazon, just get out your credit card – we can do it on my laptop right now. CPU cycles are no longer a precious resource and storage is practically free.”…

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