How Cloud Computing Can Help Web Designers

January 17, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Small businesses are increasingly embracing cloud computing and the many opportunities that it offers. Some analysts claim that small businesses who make use of cloud technology can boost their growth by as much as 25%. This is fantastic news for any business hoping to increase their bottom line and to ensure that they are keeping well up to speed with their technological capabilities. But how exactly does cloud computing make such a significant difference to small businesses?

To answer this question, we take a look at the specific case of a business that specializes in web design. Here are some of the ways that cloud computing can make a significant difference to the productivity and, therefore, the profitability, of a web design business.

Improve Security

Security should be a prominent concern for any business, but web designers in particular need to pay attention to the security that they use on their own websites, as well as their clients. If a web design company isn’t able to implement effective security on their own site, then their customers may well wonder whether they will be able to keep their websites secure. You need to make sure that your data is protected from any breaches or hardware failure and the cloud offers the least expensive way of doing this.

Real-Time Collaboration

Cloud-based tools and apps allow multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, from remote locations and in real time. The most basic of these services will allow you, and your colleagues, to make changes to the same web page and see the result of those changes in real time; more advanced services will offer you a suite of different options. When multiple people are working on a web project, you may well have different individuals handling different aspects of the design process.

Using this Mafia 2 walkthrough page as an example, one individual might be working on the layout, while another implements other features, such as the comments section, and a final member adds the text. Using a cloud-based service, all of these users can discuss the effect of changes to the page, while also limiting each user to only being able to edit their own section.

Increase Productivity

Taking advantage of cloud solutions can make a massive difference to your overall productivity. You can upload new proposals and designs and have them sync up instantly. As a result, web designers can see new jobs, and get feedback on anything they have submitted, in real time. Meanwhile, the business owner can assign new work quickly and can see where their employees are on their projects, all in real time.

Cloud computing is making a big difference to small businesses working in just about every field. Cloud services make increasing productivity easier than ever before while also encouraging more collaboration between workers on different projects. Web designers are just one group of people who can benefit enormously from embracing the cloud, but they are uniquely positioned to do so amongst all types of small businesses.