How AI and Automation Can Make Data Centers More Sustainable

How AI and Automation Can Make Data Centers More Sustainable

June 9, 2023 0 By David

Data centers play a significant role in modern society. Businesses need them to store important client and employee information, and without them, we would have a far harder time storing data—even with the advent of cloud computing. However, they’re power-hungry, and they’re responsible for much of the greenhouse gas emissions across the world. Data centers also consume a lot of electricity, which only grows over time. So, what can we do about this rapidly growing problem? Below, we’ll review how AI and automation can make data centers more sustainable.

Should Data Centers Embrace AI?

AI and automation are great ways to refocus your energy on what matters. AI fundamentally changes every software category, so reaching the data center sphere is only appropriate. The truth is data centers aren’t exempt from technological progress. If anything, they’re greatly affected by it. There’s even talk of data centers becoming obsolete, but we don’t believe that’s going to happen. Instead, we can use AI and automation technology to enhance data center operations. AI and automation can make data centers more sustainable.

Automating Process

There are a lot of misconceptions about data centers, and one of them is that all operations have to be physical. Most operations in traditional data centers, such as scheduling, monitoring, maintenance, updating, and application delivery capacity, are continual and repetitive. They’re also prone to error. Industrial robots can do all these tasks, expediting tasks requiring extensive troubleshooting and trial and error. Robots can be used for any of the tasks mentioned and can collect data on images and sounds required to detect security risks and irregularities. Automation frees up human capital and allows people to focus on tasks requiring a nuanced approach.

Sustainability and Going Green

Digital twins are real-time virtual representations of physical objects. They are rapidly picking up speed as one of the key methods to improve data center efficiency. They can collect all kinds of data from many sources and assist in making data centers more sustainable, especially from an environmental perspective. Digital twin technology can reduce your carbon footprint, especially as data centers grow and increase complexity. Digital twins that use AI and machine learning methods help analyze Big Data that is tracked and generate data within the data center. It can also help predict different software behaviors and adjust operations if necessary. This saves a lot of power, which makes it the perfect option for sustainability.

Don’t resist the rise of AI and automation. You’ll only be delaying the inevitable. Instead, work to understand it and implement it in your facility.