Hivecell Partners with DataRobot to Empower the Enterprise to Efficiently Deploy AI Solutions at the Edge

May 13, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Hivecell and DataRobot announced a partnership that will enable enterprise organizations to solve bigger challenges at the edge by processing machine learning models on-site, outside of the data closet. By leveraging the two solutions, organizations can more efficiently make relevant, data-driven decisions. 

“We’re in the midst of an Intelligence Revolution and more and more organizations are looking to capitalize on the promise of AI and machine learning,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO at Hivecell. “DataRobot delivers AI at scale and by partnering with our team at Hivecell, we’re able to help ensure any AI models developed on their platform run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’re excited by the partnership and even more eager to see the types of business outcomes that come from it.”

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform democratizes data science and drives automated decision intelligence, allowing organizations to deploy trusted and governed AI solutions to get from data to value faster and more accurately. Together, Hivecell and DataRobot empower organizations of any size, industry or resources to drive better business outcomes with AI by deploying onto Hivecell’s simple, scalable infrastructure. Organizations can deploy on premise compute power to hundreds or thousands of locations while managing them from one central location to provision, monitor and update complex frameworks remotely at half the cost of traditional cloud providers.

“We’re always looking to drive better business outcomes for our diverse customer base and we recognize the benefits, including reduced costs and improved bandwidth, edge computing brings to the AI lifecycle,” said Dan Wright, CEO, DataRobot. “We’re pleased to team up with Hivecell to help organizations leverage machine learning models at the edge which will help them make faster, more accurate predictions that drive better business outcomes.” The partnership was announced today at AI Experience Worldwide, a two-day virtual conference that brings together AI pioneers to share insight on innovations in AI, analytics and data science.