Here Are The Key Drivers That Are Pushing Cloud To The Edge

June 5, 2017 Off By David
Object Storage

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Editorial Staff.

Today’s cloud computing architecture resembles 70s mainframes. The heavy lifting happens in dense data centers that act as the central point of gravity. In both the scenarios, applications share the underlying infrastructure. While this architecture works for the majority of the scenarios, the emerging use cases demand a different approach.

Edge computing fundamentally changes the cloud by making it distributed and decentralized. With edge, the core building blocks of cloud such as compute, storage, and the network will move closer to the applications. Cloud providers will move abstract layers such as machine learning models, serverless computing, and lightweight databases that run on the core infrastructure to the edge…

Since the latency involved in making a round trip to the cloud is minimized, edge computing dramatically improves the user experience. The best thing about edge computing is that it is entirely transparent to the consumers. It is similar to what content delivery networks (CDN) do to static content and media streams…

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