Google’s cloud gets a boost as Forrester names it a leader in data analytics

August 3, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from SiliconAngle. Author: Mike Wheatley.

Google Inc.’s efforts to establish itself as a major player in cloud computing received a small boost Wednesday when it was named by research firm Forrester Inc. as the undisputed leader in a part of the market Forrester calls “Insight Platform-as-a-Service.” It should be noted that Insight PaaS is just a small subsection of the overall PaaS market, so Google still has some way to go.

Forrester defines the Insight PaaS category as an integrated set of data management, analytics and insight application development and management components, offered as a platform. PaaS more generally is the middle layer of cloud computing, customarily defined as services to allow software developers to create applications that run on the Internet…

In its report, Forrester also laid out the benefits Insight PaaS platforms provide to organizations. These include being able to manage and access large and complex data sets more easily, update and evolve applications that deliver insight at the moment of action, update existing technology and integrate and coordinate team member activities…

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