Gaming in the Cloud: What the Future Holds for Web-Based Games

January 16, 2018 Off By Hoofer
NVidia’s new GeforceNow, a streaming service designed to enable gamers to run AAA titles on any computer, sparked a lot of interest about gaming in the cloud. What NVidia does is rent a capable gaming system via video streaming, so players can run graphic-intensive games remotely and have a great gaming experience.

NVidia GeforceNow may be the hottest thing right now, but experts believe that the future of gaming in the cloud lies with browser-based games that are simpler to play. Is this really the case?

The Rise of Web-Based Games

People, especially casual gamers, want simplicity. They want to be able to visit a site and start playing their favorite games right away. In many ways, the cloud infrastructure is the perfect environment for this type of gaming. Add the fact that there are better technologies for serving web-based games, and we have the perfect mix.

Aside from browser-based strategy games, there are also many arcade games that players can play. Sites such as Arcade Lots host hundreds of titles, from simple puzzle games to challenging arcade titles and some of the best classic games we know and love.

Web-based games can produce the same smooth and enjoyable gaming experience as desktop games. While the titles you can play today are mainly simple games with straightforward gameplay, there are more complex, more advanced games being released on a regular basis. We even have multiplayer games such as League of Angels and Dragon Ball Z Online offering epic quests and hours of adventures.

Multiplayer to Take the Center Stage

There is another element that browser- or web-based games can really push forward, and that is multiplayer gaming. With web-based titles being highly accessible, more people can join the excitement. There is no need to have an expensive gaming PC or a capable laptop. Players can be on a Mac or a PC too.

The cross-platform compatibility also means players from different parts of the world can compete with each other in a truly massive gaming ecosystem. Even competing for the top spot in the high-score list can be very exciting when you add social media and interaction between games to the mix.

On the other hand, there are games that utilize real-time interactions to deliver that unique multiplayer experience. Multiplayer gaming works with various genres, making it the perfect step forward for cloud gaming.

Quick Gaming Sessions

The biggest appeal of web-based gaming, however, is the fact that players can enjoy all games running in the cloud at any moment. Need to unwind for five minutes before going back to work? All you need to do is visit sites like Arcade Lots and pick a game to play.

This level of access is what NVidia is trying to offer through the streaming service. It is a convenience that web-based games already offer. With the support of new technologies such as HTML5 and Canvas, there is no doubt that the future of cloud gaming lies with the browser-based, web-based games of tomorrow.