Fugue Unveils Technology Breakthrough to Prevent Cloud Infrastructure Misconfigurations

November 28, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Fugue

Fugue, Inc., the company automating infrastructure and policy-as-code to deliver fast, secure and scalable cloud operations, announced it will be showcasing its new capabilities for preventing costly cloud misconfiguration errors at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, November 27-December 1, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The newest Fugue innovation enhances an enterprise’s ability to move faster in the cloud while addressing mission-critical risks by automating compliance policy validation and enforcement-without incurring a costly forklift of existing cloud infrastructure operations. Enterprises currently operating on AWS can immediately take advantage of these powerful new capabilities to automate and assure cloud governance. Those migrating their existing workloads to Fugue will get:

  • Total visibility: Easily see all running cloud workloads and their corresponding policy infractions and vulnerabilities
  • More control: Unify policy-as-code and infrastructure-as-code into infrastructure blueprints and assert automated runtime enforcement to prevent configuration drift
  • Increased speed: Eliminate manual security and compliance gates to provide developers the freedom to deploy applications faster

Josh Stella, Fugue Co-founder and CEO, commented, "At AWS re:Invent, visitors can experience firsthand how Fugue is helping enterprises and federal agencies run efficient, agile and secure operations on the cloud." He added, "We are, in effect, preventing mistakes from happening in the cloud by providing centralized visibility and control across DevSecOps teams. Human error is far less likely with Fugue’s infrastructure governance automation technology."

Fugue’s new capabilities deliver compliance automation, DevSecOps collaboration, continuous runtime protection, dynamic infrastructure and policy visualization, enhanced role-based access controls, and robust APIs in a comprehensive, real-time approach to cloud governance.

David Levy, VP of U.S Government, AWS, noted, "Fugue is a valued AWS partner and a recognized leader in the increasingly mission-critical area of cloud infrastructure governance. Fugue’s latest technology enhancement brings important value to our customers by automating compliance policy, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best."

Visualizing and Implementing Cloud Governance for AWS Environments

Building on the success of Fugue’s core solution for managing cloud infrastructure at scale-for which Fugue was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Infrastructure 2017-the new technology spans the infrastructure governance lifecycle and starts with Fugue’s Composer, an application for generating diagrams of cloud resources based on new or existing AWS workloads.

Next, Fugue’s design-time policy validations are applied to determine if any services are out of compliance with selected rules, regulations or standards. Visual indicators show exactly where misconfigurations and potential exposures exist and provide corrective feedback for real-time remediation.

From there, teams can choose to have the Fugue Conductor-Fugue’s runtime orchestration and enforcement engine-inspect these resources to ensure policies are automatically enforced in production. All AWS services are inspected every 30 seconds, and any drift or potential exposure is immediately and automatically repaired.

With Fugue’s design-time policy validation and runtime enforcement, organizations get the tools that help ensure infrastructure resources are provisioned according to policies and standards and that no out-of-compliance infrastructure can be created.

"When it comes to scaling cloud infrastructure governance, modern enterprises need to be certain that policies are always followed," said Peter O’Donoghue, vice president of application services at Unisys Federal, one of the leading providers of cloud-based solutions to the U.S. federal government. "Fugue’s approach of visualizing running cloud infrastructure, validating its compliance and ensuring it never drifts is exactly right. Fugue has built a solution that today’s IT organizations need, and they are constantly improving it."

Stella said, "This is an end-to-end solution that helps you manage the infrastructure governance lifecycle. As the world becomes ever more cloud-centric, Fugue is what good governance looks like, and we hope you join us in Las Vegas to find out why."