Four Ways to Simplify Your Business

August 9, 2018 Off By Hoofer
The complexities of business are what makes it such a fascinating area of work: there’s people to manage, sales to forecast, risks to conceive of and setbacks to tackle, all of which can come from a wide variety of directions. Nonetheless, when it comes to managing your own business, these complexities can sometimes get in the way of effective, efficient and therefore optimal business performance: you’ll want to simplify some of your business procedures to really get ahead. Here are just four tips to help you simplify your business so that it’s able to perform at its peak. 

Many small businesses and startups suffer from a poorly-designed brand image that they were forced to cobble together early on in the development of their company. Where brand image is so important is in communication to customers and clients exactly what your business is offering, in as few words, images and symbols as possible. A mishmash will simply confuse the customer; you’ll instead want to simplify your brand message, logo and mission statement to boil down exactly what it is you have to offer so that simplicity reigns supreme over your projected brand identity. 
Here, the same rule goes for intra-business and extra-business communication – that is, communications between employees, or between employees and clients or customers. You want them to be concise, with just the right amount of information and data there contained so that no one is wasting time interpreting emails or chitchatting on the phone. It’s best as a manager to instigate good practice when it comes to how your employees communicate, with a standardized email format and a set of rules as to how they should perform their phone calls so that everything is simplified and streamlined.  
Software Solutions 
There are many software solutions on the market, and so narrowing down what is needed and what is white noise can be difficult. Instead of overspreading yourselves, or your employees, invest in a solution that is easy to integrate (avoid disruption in the office) and that works well with other portals. By investing in an Omnia SAP eCommerce portal from, you can simplify order purchase control, see past and current orders between you and your suppliers, work with real-time data, and answer all customer queries quickly and effectively, through shared browsing.  
If you happen to be a business leader or an employee with a say in how a business is managed and which direction a business should pursue, then you may well be familiar with analyzing an array of variables in order to make an informed decision that will guide the company into a new region of success. However, it’s often best to simplify these multifarious concerns by zooming out to consider the big picture, with the intricacies less defined and simplified so that you can see how all the areas of your business interact. In strategy, it’s often this form of simplification that helps make sensible decisions, so be sure to think long and hard over the easiest means to get from point A to point B.