Five9 Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution Helps Large Financial Services Company

March 20, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Five9, Inc.

Five9, Inc., a leading provider of cloud software for the enterprise contact center market, was chosen by a large financial services company to transition its five contact centers from an unreliable premise-based solution to the cloud-based Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC). Since implementing Five9, the company reports that it has dramatically improved contact center reliability and uptime, increased agent productivity by over 10%, realized significant savings annually and was empowered with intelligent analytics to improve decision making.

The financial services company, which offers financing and loan services, both online and in-store to under-banked consumers, required a more reliable solution that would also increase efficiency in the contact center. The company’s initial decision to select and implement Five9 was also based on the need for custom reporting and robust analytics capabilities.


Key to servicing their customers is their contact center, which supports customer service, sales and collections. Five9 was chosen for its ability to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s homegrown workforce management system, which was a critical cost savings component for the lending organization.

A strong team environment was also very important to the company and they were able to leverage Five9 reporting and analytic APIs for gamification, which involves friendly competition among both in-house and outsourced contact center agents. One example is a game they created similar to fantasy football where managers, including some executives who are not normally directly involved in the details of the contact center, draft agents to form teams with points earned based on individual and team KPIs. According to the contact center manger, “Now you have the whole management team getting involved, giving kudos to the individual agents based on the agents’ personal KPIs. This is breaking down the barriers, bringing greater visibility and attention to the KPIs and improving overall teamwork.”

In addition to servicing clients and strengthening the team, there was also a need for greater flexibility and scale. Since implementing Five9, the financial institution has been able to easily reallocate resources geographically, scale up or down based on seasonality and add new contact center channels, including web chat and email, which led to the 10%+ increase in productivity.

Analytics and reporting was also a pain point. The company now leverages the custom reporting capabilities from Five9 in all aspects of the contact center, which has provided them data and key insights about the activities of their end customers that are then integrated into their customer service initiatives resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

“Our goal is to help our customers provide the best experience to their end user. It has been an honor to enable companies like this to leverage Five9 capabilities to increase productivity and grow their business as they modernize their contact centers,” said Mike Burkland, President & CEO, Five9. “I was especially impressed with the creative use of Five9 APIs to improve teamwork and comradery with gamification.”