FireEye Expands Cybersecurity Threat Detection with Major New Releases

October 4, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from FireEye

FireEye, Inc., the intelligence-led security company, today announced major new software releases and next-generation hardware, adding new and expanded capabilities to extend FireEye’s cybersecurity threat detection while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

To address the issue of post-breach attacks and insider threats, FireEye unveiled FireEye Network SmartVision – a new capability that leverages a machine-learning framework to detect suspicious lateral threat movements (East-West traffic) and data exfiltration. This capability is designed to provide customers with greater detection and expanded visibility across their perimeter and now network core and servers.

FireEye Network (NX) deployments can now burst network traffic to FireEye’s MVX Smart Grid during periods of high-content scanning activity, to address overload and gaps in protection that might otherwise occur. Other new software capabilities include significant updates to alert handling, event change visualization, expanded logging, and overall usability improvements.

These new software releases complement the launch of fifth-generation FireEye hardware, expanding customer capability to address increasingly sophisticated threats, while reducing costs and increasing deployment flexibility. FireEye also introduced FireEye File Content Security (FX), a new virtual offering that extends FireEye protection further into hybrid IT environments.

"The combination of our new software and hardware updates is designed to provide customers with the most sophisticated detection capabilities and flexibility to expand their security program," said Grady Summers, chief technology officer at FireEye. "We’ve set the foundation for organizations to move further along a path to unify their security operations with FireEye Helix, to realize more value from their existing infrastructure, and make better decisions in responding to alerts based on our experience from the front lines of cybersecurity."

FireEye’s new fifth-generation hardware includes the latest Intel processors, increased storage and port density to provide superior price/performance. The four models are engineered to deliver throughput from 300 Mbps to 2500 Mbps, replacing existing fourth-generation models that are available until the end of October 2017.

FireEye solutions updated with the new software and next-generation hardware include FireEye Network Security (NX), FireEye Email Security (EX), File Content Security (FX), Central Management (CM), and Malware Analysis (AX).

The new virtual offering, the FX 2500v Smart Content Sensor, is aimed at customers who prefer a virtual or hybrid approach. Protecting online file shares, portable file storage, services such as SharePoint, and other content is a significant concern for businesses. FireEye is committed to allowing customers to deploy solutions via public or private cloud, or as-a-service.

The new FireEye software releases are available immediately to customers with current Secure Assurance support. FireEye’s new version 8.0 software requires FireEye fourth or fifth generation hardware. The new FireEye hardware and virtual offerings are available to order now from authorized FireEye partners and solutions providers.