Expert Tips for Improving Website Security

Expert Tips for Improving Website Security

June 2, 2022 0 By Hoofer
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Creating a secure website is beneficial for both businesses and customers. People don’t want to use sites that put their information at risk. Likewise, companies need to safeguard their sensitive data from hackers and others with ill intentions. If you want to increase your traffic and make a name for your brand online, you need to take web protection seriously. Here are some expert tips for improving website security.

Encourage Strong Passwords

People often reuse simple passwords for convenience. While this makes things easier, it’s better for security purposes to require more complex passcodes. Encourage strong passwords by setting strict guidelines, including length, numbers, and special characters. Some websites restrict customers from using their names and email addresses as well, making it more difficult for hackers to break into vulnerable accounts.

Do Frequent Site Cleanups

Another tip for improving website security is doing frequent site cleanups. Cybercriminals can get into your system through various applications, including files and plugins. As your business grows and your site changes, delete any unused components. This will reduce unnecessary points of entry and make it more challenging to corrupt your site.

Regularly Back Up Your Data

Keeping your website secure isn’t just about defending against cyberattacks; it’s also about protecting your data in case your site crashes. Get in the habit of backing up your information regularly. Many web hosting platforms do this automatically, but it’s still a good idea to have a backup of your own. This way, you’ll still have access to important information even when you lose your domain.

Renew Your SSL Certificate

Websites that use SSL encryptions have better security than those that don’t. This feature reassures users that their credit card and personal information is secure and will keep them coming back for more. Make sure to regularly renew your SSL certificate. Allowing these credentials to expire is a common website technical issue, so don’t let your subscription lapse.

Websites can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if they function correctly. Prioritize your website security and make your internet presence a safe place for potential and returning customers.