Excelero Awarded Key Patent for Helping Deliver the Hyperscale Data Center of Tomorrow

June 15, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Excelero

Excelero, a disruptor in software-defined block storage, announced that it was assigned a US patent # 9,658,782 for underlying technology to its NVMesh server SAN solution that is key to its ability to efficiently share NVMe devices at data center scale with local performance. The patent represents the first US patent officially awarded to Excelero, with 9 additional US patents pending , and is among the reasons why NVMesh achieves exceptionally low latency, high NVMe storage ROI and greater flexibility in some of today’s most demanding application areas.

An estimated 70 – 80% of enterprises will have adopted a web-scale IT architectural approach by 2027 (Intel data) – enterprises for whom  Excelero’s 100% software-only server SAN solution is a perfect fit. The new patent covers Excelero’s technique of combining two industry standards, remote direct memory access (RDMA) and storage-oriented memory mapped input/output (MMIO), which dramatically reduces CPU use, removing the target-side CPU from the data path, lowers latency and enables superior performance compared to traditional storage architectures, even those leveraging Flash.  Uses include machine learning, visualization simulation, real-time analytics, genomics and encoding among many other hyper-scale applications.

Excelero’s NVMesh platform virtualizes the NVMe devices and unifies the capacity into a single pool of high-performance storage in an approach that makes data locality irrelevant, a breakthrough in enabling local latency and speeds on the network, using standard hardware. A 100% software-only solution, Excelero’s NVMesh is the only NVMe sharing technology that scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency by shifting data services from centralized CPU to complete client-side distribution. Its flexibility allows for both physically converged or disaggregated deployments to create a virtual, distributed non-volatile array.

"NVMe is being adopted at high speed, and some of our customers are already designing all-NVMe data centers, which requires new levels of flexibility and efficiency," said Lior Gal, CEO and co-founder of Excelero.  "We’re continuing to develop numerous technology advances that we build into our NVMesh platform so that our customers can build IT architectures at data center scale, leveraging standard servers and state-of-the-art flash storage."