Examining How Cloud Hosting Affects SEO

May 25, 2017 Off By Hoofer
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Many businesses increase their revenue by boosting SEO rankings. Optimizing your website for search is a sure-fire way of getting noticed by potential customers. Recently, cloud hosting has been added to the plethora of the best SEO strategies out there. It has a significant and direct impact on many businesses. If you are making a move to cloud hosting and your website is already optimized for search engines, it is important to know how these two interact with each other. The following are the ways in which cloud hosting affects SEO:

1. Increased Page Loading Speed

Site speed is one of the most critical factors when it comes to SEO. If your website has slow loading speeds, then you will deliver a poor user experience. The most successful businesses have been known to increase their revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of load time improvement. A one second delay in page load time leads to fewer page views and a decrease in customer satisfaction. Speed is important and directly affects your SEO. The benefits that cloud hosting offers can easily put your site in multiple global locations which speed up access. As such, your servers will not be overstrained, even if your website has a high number of visitors.

2. Improved Server Downtime

Any good SEO company will stress the importance of quickly recovering from server downtime. This usually affects your business’ SEO rankings. If the physical server on which your website server constantly experiences downtime, then users will not be able to access it easily. Physical hosting also means that you are sharing one server with two or more websites. However, cloud hosting will ensure that your website runs on a reliable cluster of servers. Therefore, if one goes down, another server will immediately pick up the slack and ensure that your website quickly recovers from downtime.

3. Better Mobile Advantage

Today, many people prefer accessing the internet from their mobile devices. It is not only comfortable, but it is also convenient. If your website cannot serve both a mobile device and desktop computer with the same equal value, then you will lose out on your SEO rankings. However, cloud hosting enables your website to have access to advanced data and analytics, which are useful in crafting the perfect SEO strategy.

4. Promotes Local Hosting

The host location is a major factor that influences SEO rankings. As many search engines prefer sites that are locally hosted, it will be easy for users to get specific results. For instance, an internet user living in London will get web results with .co.uk ranked higher than .com. Therefore, website owners can take advantage of this to develop affordable SEO packages for their clients. However, cloud hosting does not deem this necessary. Every good SEO company knows that the cloud has servers globally, and as such, will encourage you to use this service to serve all locations automatically.


Cloud hosting has significantly altered the way in which companies conduct their business online. It gives businesses a way to stand out and boost their SEO rankings in multiple search engines. With the internet being the main go-to place for consumers who are looking for business-related information, switching to the cloud is a proven method of success.