Elastifile Joins SAP PartnerEdge Program to Deliver Scalable, Enterprise File Storage for SAP Solutions in Public Cloud

Elastifile Joins SAP PartnerEdge Program to Deliver Scalable, Enterprise File Storage for SAP Solutions in Public Cloud

March 6, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Elastifile, a pioneer of enterprise-grade, scalable file storage for the public cloud, today announced that it has become an SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem – Build partner, further strengthening the synergistic bonds between Elastifile’s enterprise-grade, cloud-native file storage and the cutting-edge cloud application suite from SAP.

As organizations seek to excel in the cloud era, public cloud integration has emerged as a crucial element of a winning IT strategy. The cloud’s elasticity, scalability, and flexible consumption models are a perfect match for the agility required by the competitive modern enterprise. SAP, via its full suite of cloud-hosted business applications, has harnessed the best attributes of cloud to enable flexible business process flows and powerful analytics. However, to deliver robust end-to-end solutions, the associated applications require an equally flexible, highly-available data management layer. Elastifile’s cutting-edge storage services uniquely satisfy those challenging cloud requirements without introducing cumbersome management complexity. SAP users can smoothly connect their cloud-based applications to Elastifile file storage in the cloud, just as they would if running those applications on-premises and connecting to a physical storage array.

In addition, organizations seeking a completely turnkey experience can deploy Elastifile as a fully-managed storage service on Google Cloud by signing up for early access at https://www.elastifile.com/early-access-gcp. Elastifile’s storage solutions have enabled many enterprise customers in their journey to cloud and the new Open Ecosystem – Build partnership paves the way for even deeper integration with SAP workflows.

“SAP has made cloud infrastructure accessible to the core business processes of the data-driven modern enterprise,” said Dave Payne, Vice President of Alliances at Elastifile. “Elastifile is proud to complement SAP’s solutions with reliable, cloud-native file storage…thereby enabling smooth, end-to-end migration of SAP workflows to cloud.”

To ease enterprise cloud adoption, Elastifile was designed to deliver the feature set, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to support customers at every stage of their cloud journey. Whether starting off with simple cloud backup/archival, bursting to cloud for additional compute, or executing a wholesale “lift and shift” to cloud, Elastifile’s solutions allow customers to reap the benefits of cloud integration, at their own pace. In addition, by delivering file storage via standard protocols (e.g. NFS), with no need for OS kernel modifications or client-side software installs, Elastifile provides native compatibility with existing applications and workflows, eliminating the need for costly refactoring projects.

Elastifile runs natively on public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and is generally available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), with Microsoft Azure availability coming soon. Elastifile also supports bare metal on-premises environments.

To try Elastifile as a fully-managed storage service on Google Cloud, sign up for early access at: https://www.elastifile.com/early-access-gcp or, to learn more about Elastifile’s products and technology, visit https://www.elastifile.com.