Elastifile Announces Self-Service Availability for Fully-Managed ‘File Storage’-as-a-Service on Google Cloud

Elastifile Announces Self-Service Availability for Fully-Managed ‘File Storage’-as-a-Service on Google Cloud

April 2, 2019 Off By Hoofer
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Elastifile, a pioneer of enterprise-grade, scalable file storage for the public cloud, today announced self-service availability for Elastifile Cloud File Service, a fully-managed, scalable file storage service on Google Cloud. Leveraging tight integration with Google Cloud infrastructure, Elastifile Cloud File Service makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale enterprise file storage in the public cloud. Users can try the new service immediately on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, with pricing as low as $0.10/GB/month, billable by the hour.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud infrastructure to simplify, accelerate, and cost-reduce workflows spanning a variety of industries, including Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and more. To facilitate easy cloud integration without costly application refactoring, many of the associated workflows require cloud-based file storage. With Elastifile Cloud File Service, organizations have scalable, enterprise file at their fingertips in Google Cloud, enabling them to cost-effectively satisfy critical data management requirements while reducing IT management overhead.

Elastifile’s new service is also well-suited for horizontal use cases such as persistent storage for Kubernetes, data resilience for preemptible cloud VMs, HPC file storage, and scalable NAS for cloud-native services (e.g., SAP on Google Cloud)…thereby bridging the gap between traditional and cloud-native workflows, making cloud integration easier than ever before.

“As we expand our services in cloud via Kubernetes, we need turnkey solutions to deliver scalable, persistent container storage,” said Robert Janney, Technical Architect at WP Engine. “Therefore, we were eager to try Elastifile’s fully-managed file service and have been extremely pleased with the simple, intuitive experience and powerful combination of enterprise features, scalability, and performance.”

“Enterprise-class, cloud-native file storage is a necessary enabler for widespread enterprise adoption of public cloud IaaS,” said Amita Potnis, Research Manager, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. “Therefore, augmenting Google Cloud with a fully-managed Elastifile file service is a very logical step and makes it easier for more enterprises to access GCP resources.”

“Managing storage infrastructure has long been a necessary evil. No one wants to do it, but the minutiae of storage management has been difficult to escape…even in the public cloud,” said Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “By delivering a fully-managed, scalable file storage service on Google Cloud, Elastifile is eliminating the complexity associated with this critical aspect of the cloud experience and paving the way for broader enterprise cloud adoption.”

To enjoy Elastifile Cloud File Service users simply input their desired storage capacity and choose a service level aligned to their budget and performance requirements. Service levels can later be upgraded or downgraded on-demand, as desired, enabling customers to start small and expand performance or capacity later as dictated by the demands of their evolving workflows (e.g., as they progress from dev/test to production). Every service level delivers a full suite of cloud-native enterprise features including snapshots, multi-zone support, asynchronous replication, and support for API-based control. Finally, the cost of the service is fully integrated into Google Cloud’s pre-existing billing infrastructure, so customers do not need to change their existing payment process.

“With Elastifile Cloud File Service now available for self-service access on the GCP Marketplace, scalable, fully-managed file storage is readily accessible at the push of a button,” said Erwan Menard, CEO at Elastifile. “We’re very excited to be delivering a cloud-native, enterprise-class storage experience that complements a broad range of enterprise applications and technologies including SAP, Kubernetes, and many more.”

“With scalable file storage emerging as a common requirement across enterprise workflows, Elastifile Cloud File Service plays a critical role within the Google Cloud services portfolio,” said Dominic Preuss, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud. “With this new built in collaboration and fully-managed service, we’ve now made cloud integration easier than ever before.”

Elastifile is available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and bare metal on-premises environments, with Microsoft Azure availability coming soon.

To try Elastifile as a fully-managed storage service on Google Cloud, visit Google Cloud Marketplace or, to learn more about Elastifile’s products and technology, visit https://www.elastifile.com.