Easily Manage Events With Cloud Computing

May 15, 2018 Off By Hoofer

Article Written by Sally Perkins

Running large scale events can be difficult, and with the global population on the rise, crowds are becoming even bigger and harder to manage. But cloud-based technology, which allows you to share information instantly across different devices, makes managing these events easier than ever. Here are some of the ways cloud-based computing can alter the way you manage your events in helpful ways.


Tickets Made Easy 

Keeping track of your guests is one of the most demanding problems when it comes to holding an event. For a smaller scale event where signing in is possible, cloud-enabled devices can be a huge help. Using tablets, phones, or other devices connected to the cloud allows you to keep one guest list, and upon arrival, it is easy to use the nearest device to sign in electronically.

For a larger scale event that uses tickets, like a concert or a convention, this also allows you to track scanned tickets from any entrance of the arena. As long as your staff has cloud-enabled devices, any attempt to duplicate or fake tickets should be easier to detect. Many guests even buy their tickets online through ticket hubs across the web and use Internet-enabled devices to present them at the gate.

Keep Up With Staff 

The ability to track who comes and goes isn’t limited to guests of your event, however. If you employ cloud-enabled devices, your employees can check in and out in real time, allowing you up to the minute knowledge of who is available and who is not. If for some reason an employee must leave their workplace, they can notify you almost immediately as to their situation.

This allows you to respond to understaffed locations quickly, but it can also be used for less dire situations. If your staff are going to be working long hours, and need breaks or to punch out, you’ll be able to keep track of when they come and go in real time. Conversely, if you know an area won’t require tending for a while, you can notify them to leave that position and report to where their assistance is truly required.

Manage Sales 

Another added benefit is the ability to keep track of sales, not just of tickets but merchandise at your event as well. By connecting your registers and sales areas, you can track the profits of your event in real time and even determine what items might be the most popular. This can allow you to shift prices for unwanted tickets, push merchandise that hasn’t been as popular so far, or begin expediently restocking on anything you find yourself in short supply of.

So next time you plan to hold a large event, consider using cloud management. It can make keeping track of your guests and their purchases easier than ever while you are busy, allowing you to maximize the money you make from the affair. It also allows you to keep track of employees, and manage where your staff is placed at crucial times, to get the most out of every hand you have on deck.


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