Debunking Software Development Myths

Debunking Software Development Myths

May 27, 2021 0 By Hoofer

Software development is not a precise science. There is no exact manual to build a good product or the right approach to the process. What works for one person or project may not work for the next. However, both approaches can still deliver high-quality products. This has caused several myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions in the software development industry.

To help you know the truth about software development, we will discuss and debunk some of the common myths.

Myth#1: Adding More People to The Team is Better

It is natural to assume that adding more people to a team can speed up the process or make up for the lost time. This is not the case with software development. If a project is late, adding more people to the team will only slow it down.

Software development is not like manufacturing; when you add more people to a team, they will spend more time learning and communicating to get everything right and work as a team.  Any addition to a team should be done in a well-coordinated manner. This takes time.

Myth#2: One Programming Language is Better than Other Languages

There are several languages that programmers can use. Some programmers praise the language they use maybe because they are more familiar with it. The truth is, each programming language has a purpose.

You can only determine the benefits of a particular programming language with a specific task. Note that several projects often require a programmer to know several languages. Therefore, programming languages work together, and none is better than the other.

Myth#3: Nothing is Impossible

These exact words are the foundation of this myth. It is a common belief that there are no inconveniencing conditions or limitations when it comes to IT. For example, if an ordinary person looks at the interface of a search engine, they will not find any difficulties or challenges. However, what they see is much more than it might seem.

Everything, including IT, has several limitations. Software developers face several challenges and limitations when handling a project, and these limitations influence the project’s outcome.

Myth#4: Programmers Only Write Code

Software engineers and programmers work closely together to ensure the success of a project. Though programmers use the instructions given by the engineers to write the software codes, they bring so much more to the table.

The challenges that computer programs solve go beyond the tech world. For example, a programmer may need to have a deeper knowledge of accounting to create a quality accounting tool. They will have to consult an accountant who understands what they need from the software.

The programmer or coder should be able to know how to translate that into the machine.  However, the accountant may not be able to explain what they want in detail. In this case, the programmer will have to use their knowledge to build the right tool. Veterans can use GI benefits to take development courses at a discount and get the right knowledge.

Myth#5: Working On a Project Faster is Better

Several engineering solutions are developed over a couple of years and require a lot of professional support. Though some projects can be developed and implemented quickly, they only apply to a narrow target audience and have no major financial impact on the owners.

For example, The Microsoft Office package project took six years to be implemented. The result is a product that benefits almost everyone, and Microsoft Corporation makes huge profits from it. Programmers do not also work around the clock. Trying to speed up a project and putting more hours into it will only delay it further.

Myth#7: The First Trial Should be a Sucess

A huge part of the innovation process is experimenting with your ideas. When you do this often, you will realize how quickly some of your ideas fail. Experimenting will allow you and your team to quickly do away with the bad ideas or decisions and pay more attention to the promising ones.

Being successful from the first trial will make you make less risky decisions. You will not have the motivation to develop a more innovative product or solution to the client’s problems. Failing from the first trial is one of the best motivations that you will get.

Myth#8: Always Stick to the Plan

Software development involves a set of complicated actions that require attention to detail and coordination. Therefore, before you take on a project, you need to have a plan. You will need to study the technical aspect of the project carefully, think over its functionality and dig deeper into every detail of the project.

However, not everything goes as planned. New insights can come up and change the conditions of the project instantly. You need to be flexible enough to revise your plan and make the changes necessary to have an innovative product.

Final Word

There are several other misconceptions and myths in the software development world. Though some have already been debunked, there are some that people still believe to be true. It is important to know the truth about this mysterious process to be able to understand it.



Angela Henderson, Content Creator at Eleven Fifty Academy.