DataStax Releases Major Update to the Industry’s Leading Distributed Cloud Database Designed for Hybrid Cloud

April 17, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from DataStax

DataStax, powering the Right-Now Enterprise with the always-on, distributed cloud database built on Apache Cassandra, today announced the immediate availability of DataStax Enterprise 6 (DSE 6).

DSE 6 allows customers to maintain hybrid cloud flexibility with all the benefits of a distributed cloud database on any public cloud or on-premises. DSE 6 includes all the advantages of Apache Cassandra and much more with none of the complexities, delivering easy enterprise-wide adoption at scale. DSE 6 builds on its already superior performance for both reads and writes, which is critical for high-volume data ingestion requirements. Double the performance of Apache Cassandra, DSE 6 delivers twice the responsiveness and the ability to handle twice the throughput on the same infrastructure.

"Our enterprise customers are under intense pressure to bring the value of their data to new levels, and this release makes building and delivering transformative applications faster, easier, and more secure," said Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax. "The fact that we deliver this power in an architecture that accelerates hybrid-cloud initiatives is doubly beneficial."

The Right-Now Enterprise

Today, enterprises require customer-focused, real-time, always-on cloud applications. Customers expect great service and a seamlessly integrated experience ‘right now’. DataStax Enterprise drives those applications via a comprehensive data layer that includes a multi-model database with graph, search, and analytics -all with a unified security model.

Double the performance

Right-Now Economy applications demand the highest responsiveness, no matter the surge in users or workloads. DSE 6 Advanced Performance outpaces open source Apache Cassandra with half the latency for superior application responsiveness and twice the throughput for read and write operations.

Self-driving operational simplicity

Right-Now Economy applications must be operationally simple to manage so that teams can focus on innovation. DSE 6 enables even novice DBAs and DevOps personnel to manage operations like seasoned professionals.

DSE already provides state-of-the-art simplicity compared to relational databases because it doesn’t require complex and costly strategies or additional systems to achieve uptime or widely distribute data.

DSE 6 introduces NodeSync, which dramatically eases operational management by transparently automating Cassandra repair operations and removing the need for manual involvement. That means operational cost savings, reduced support cycles, and reduced application management pain. These advantages extend across DSE, including database, search, and analytics.

DSE’s new Upgrade Service provides error-free patch upgrades with zero downtime. For those demanding zero operational management, DataStax offers a white-glove service of DSE with DataStax Managed Cloud for either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

"We were impressed with the advantages in version 6 versus prior versions and Apache Cassandra," said Nathan Gould, Technical Head of Software Engineering, Uniper. "We look forward to taking advantage of all the power and simplicity it has to offer."

"Informatica is excited to team with DataStax to provide best-in-class performance for data management, integration, and ingestion at scale. We are partnering with DataStax to develop a native connector for DSE 6 which promises unparalleled performance. Join us for a preview at Informatica World in May," said Ronen Schwartz, Sr. Vice president & General Manager at Informatica.

"As a long-time contributor to Apache Cassandra, DataStax continues to support and leverage the core capabilities of Cassandra, even though historically some commercial differentiation has existed between the two entities. With DataStax Enterprise 6, the company continues to place Cassandra at the core but has added enhancements to drive performance and ease-of-use, targeting the large enterprise customer," said James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research.

Commitment to Open Source

DataStax continues its commitment to the open source community as the leading contributor to Apache Cassandra. DSE 6 remains fully Cassandra-CQL compliant at the server level and via the DataStax developed and maintained open source drivers which are at the heart of the DSE optimized commercial drivers.

With these major enhancements, coupled with the breadth of capabilities that also include additional enhancements in analytics, search, graph, developer tools and security, DSE 6 affirms its place as the always-on, distributed cloud database leader.

DataStax Enterprise 6 is available for download including as a Docker container for non-production. To learn more, download the product and ebooks, and register for the upcoming webcast, click here.