Data management ‘can no longer be ignored’

December 3, 2010 Off By David
Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: James Glass.

The issue of data management is one that will come to the fore for chief information officers (CIOs) during 2011, it has been predicted.

According to Ovum analyst Mark Blowers, the sheer volume of information now passing through companies will make this a key area of focus for such employees next year.

"The issue of hardware capacity and the drain on resources will see data management make it on to the investment agenda for IT departments in 2011," he predicted.

Mr Blowers said the issue is one which "can no longer be ignored", meaning businesses will have to address both master data management and storage management problems during the course of the 12-month period.

According to a recent article published on the Technology Evaluation website, ineffective data management strategies can cause of number of problems for organisations over time, including the use of inaccurate information that goes on to affect a company’s bottom line.