Cybersecurity Practices to Consider in 2019

January 3, 2019 Off By David
As the years have gone by, cyber crimes have been on the rise. This has forced businesses to become savvier online and learn about how to protect themselves on the internet. This can seem like an impossible task taking into consideration the lack of monitoring that’s present on the internet. However, it is vital that you learn how you can do so If you don’t want to have to deal with the chaos that comes along with data breaches and cyber threats. On that note, seeing as a new year has quickly arrived, here are some cybersecurity practices that you can consider trying.

Use a Firewall

A cybersecurity best practice that you should take into consideration is using a firewall if you don’t already. If you don’t know what a firewall is, on the other hand, it’s a program or device that filters information that’s coming through the internet connection into your private network. Setting up a firewall can help create a barrier between your data and cybercriminals. In addition to external firewalls, you also have the option of installing internal ones as well as they provide added protection.

In the case that you have any employees working from home, make sure they install a firewall on their network as well. Alternatively, provide software and support for home networks to ensure compliance.

Hire a Cybersecurity Specialist

Another cybersecurity practice you could explore is hiring a cybersecurity specialist. There are people out there who are dedicated to sharing accurate knowledge in this regard and helping people scare away cyber threats. A computer security specialist is also capable of doing the job, so think about having one on your team if you don’t already. Their job description would entail planning security, securing the infrastructure, as well as monitoring and making sure there aren’t any threats.

Have a Data Breach Plan

In addition to the mentioned practices, planning for a breach is another practice to take on board. Put yourself in the mind of a cybercriminal or hacker and think about what kind of information they may be trying to access. Seeing as you can’t 100% guarantee that a breach won’t happen, know that you can quickly diffuse the situation if it does. One of the things you may want to include in your plan is a list of organizations that can help to manage a data breach. One of them could be Secure Forensics who specialize in dealing with data breaches and investigating the source.

Think About Mobile

Mobile is something that can’t be avoided in this day and age. However, it needs to be factored into your security practices as they could pose a threat to your data security. Recommend that employees set up automatic security updates as well as make sure the company’s password policy applies to any mobile devices that will be accessing the network.

Be Careful When Using Public Networks

Public networks can be a danger to a company’s security. For this reason, when employees are using public networks, make sure they connect to a virtual private network or a VPN. You should also advise them to be cautious and avoid clicking on links or attachments that they don’t recognize.