CoreStack Awarded U.S. Patent on Orchestration of Multiple Cloud Platforms and Services

December 17, 2019 Off By Hoofer
Zerto Gartner Report

CoreStack, a multi-cloud governance platform that empowers enterprises to rapidly achieve continuous compliance assurance and operations automation at scale, today announced the award of a new patent related to a system and method for interoperable cloud DSL to orchestrate multiple cloud platforms and services. (Patent No. 10,521,286).

Today’s enterprises are rapidly embracing multiple cloud services (e.g., Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS)), and multiple operational tools (e.g., monitoring, logging, security, configuration management, etc.). There is an increasing need for efficient orchestration across these multiple services and tools to produce the desired outcome. The adoption of cloud native declarative DSLs for provisioning and orchestration is on the rise. However, while it’s advantageous to being native to the cloud platform and/or service providers, cloud native DSLs have several limitations.

Cloud native DSLs typically:

  1. Do not support discrete actions on cloud resources
  2. Only support orchestration of services and resources native to the platform
  3. Do not support orchestration of on-premise infrastructure or third-party tools

CoreStack’s innovation of a system and method for interoperable DSL to orchestrate multiple cloud platforms and services provides for a means to overcome this limitation.

“Every major enterprise that we speak to has either already adopted a multi-cloud strategy or is strategizing for multi-cloud,” said Rathinasabapathy Arumugam, CTO and Co-Founder of CoreStack. “With this, there’s a critical need for an interoperable solution that works across multiple cloud platforms and services. Our innovation delivers on this,” Arumugam added.

The new method understands the content and syntax of the cloud native DSLs, third-party custom DSLs and cloud platforms, and chains together the resources to efficiently orchestrate multiple cloud platforms and services.

“Enterprises are telling us that assuring cloud compliance and automating cloud operations is critical for them, and this is especially important as they onboard multiple clouds to take advantage of the value each uniquely provides,” said Ezhilarasan Natarajan, CEO of CoreStack. “Being able to provide cutting-edge and comprehensive multi-cloud governance solutions to our enterprises so they can continue to focus on innovation and predictable outcomes is our top priority. The new patent is testament to the ability of our technology team to continue to deliver superior value to our customers,” Natarajan added.

Patent No. 10,521,286