Console Connect Empowers Multi-Cloud Flexibility with Automated Cloud-to-Cloud Solution

May 15, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Console Connect

Console Connect, the leading provider of global interconnection solutions, today announced CloudNexus, the world’s first automated cloud-to-cloud direct connection solution for the enterprise. CloudNexus enables private, secure direct connections to be spun up within minutes, between multi- or hybrid-cloud environments, across disparate locations and providers.

Your Clouds, Your Way

The process of cloud migration and workload mobility is painstakingly complex by slow, unsecured and unpredictable public internet connections. By automating the direct connection process, CloudNexus links multiple cloud environments directly and privately within minutes, without any dependencies on the risky public internet or via the enterprise infrastructure. That means painless deployment for flexible cloud architecture, and the ability to deploy as many cloud environments as an enterprise chooses.

"Multi-cloud strategies have been held back by a legacy connectivity model," said Teri Francis, Chief Product Officer, Console Connect. "It’s a ‘hub-and-spoke’ system that forces workloads to be transmitted from one cloud, through private or public connections to the enterprise, and then back up to another cloud environment. CloudNexus gives enterprises the flexibility to create true multi-cloud environments leveraging direct any-to-any connectivity.’"

The Next Generation of Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

There’s little question that enterprises are seeking a multi-cloud approach: 85 percent of IT professionals already have a multi-cloud strategy in place. CloudNexus opens the door to the next generation of multi-cloud infrastructure, with environments privately interlinked across multiple locations and providers for bulletproof resiliency and redundancy.

"Customers are now in an environment of multi-cloud, multiple services and multiple connectivity options with the ability to automate and adjust to business conditions and demands," said Mike Sapien, VP & Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services at Ovum. "Offers like CloudNexus are what Ovum expects going forward that can enable customers to stay agile and flexible with a service and provider agnostic mix of ICT infrastructure."

CloudNexus has implications for data centers as well. With 94 percent of corporate data still living in private data centers, enterprises can use CloudNexus not only to move much of that bulk of data to the cloud, but also to create full-scale hybrid cloud setups that bypass the public internet, linking private cloud and data centers with public cloud environments for reliable performance and security.

"Console Connect’s new CloudNexus product reduces the complexity and latency for companies looking to manage their multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud deployments," said Jabez Tan, Research Director, Data Center at Structure Research. "While most interconnection platforms lock you into a particular data center colocation provider, Console takes it a step further with CloudNexus in its shift to not only being carrier neutral and cloud neutral, but also data center neutral through its software defined interconnection platform and global reach. Its end users are not locked to one cloud or colocation provider for their interconnection needs, but can take advantage of Console’s global ecosystem of data center providers to manage and transfer data securely between multiple massive-scale cloud platforms."

CloudNexus is being demonstrated at ITW 2017 in Chicago, IL from May 14-17 at booth 1450. Demonstrations are also available via the Console Connect website.